Business is better

Keep your business connected by sharing your plan. You can share data, unlimited talk and text across your team and keep everything simple with one bill.

Shared data pools for larger teams

Shared data pools provide a solution for managing your teams mobile needs, with a plan that scales as your business grows.

How does it work?

Step 1 - Choose a pool size:


  • Up to 100 users  
  • $500/month excl GST 
  • Additional data blocks: 20GB for $100 


  • Up to 50 Users  
  • $250/month excl GST  
  • Additional data blocks: 10GB for $50 


  • Up to 25 Users
  • $150/month excl GST
  • Additional data blocks: 5GB for $25 


  • Up to 10 Users  
  • $100/month excl GST
  • Additional data blocks: 5GB for $25

Step 2 - add sharers to your pool:

$25.85 excl. GST
per user/per mth

  • 1x Mobile sharer


$35.85 excl. GST
per user/per mth

  • 1x Mobile sharer
  • Device subsidy

$45.85 excl. GST
per user/per mth

  • 1x Mobile sharer
  • Bigger device subsidy

$8.69 excl. GST
per user/per mth

  • 1x Device sharer


All mobile sharers get:

  • Unlimited minutes (NZ & Aus)
  • Unlimited Standard NZ & Aus Texts 
  • Landline number for your mobile 
  • Discounted Spotify Premium 


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Business Share Key Info

User – someone with a device that is connected to and sharing from the Business Shared Data PlanBusiness Share Plans comprise a Shared Data Pool (Business Share Plan), and Sharers (Business Sharer Plans).

The Business Share plan, is a Shared Data Pool, and must have a Business Sharer plan associated with it.

Business Sharer Plans must always be associated to a Business Share (Shared Data Pool) plan.

To save time in having to top up your plan, additional data will automatically be added to your plan in blocks as needed. See terms and conditions for further details.

Business Share Plan name

Base Data

Additional Data tiers

Business Share Data Plan – Small

20 GB

5 GB

Business Share Data Plan – Small Plus

30 GB

5 GB

Business Share Data Plan – Medium

50 GB

10 GB

Business Share Data Plan – Large

100 GB

20 GB

Business Share Data Plan – Extra Large

300 GB

30 GB

Additional data that is added to your plan can be used the following month only.

Shared Data Controls & Smart Caps can be used to help manage usage of Sharers and how much data is added to the Shared Data Pool.

Business Share Plan terms

Plan term options

Our Open Term plans let you call the shots.

Bring your phone and keep your options open - we won’t lock you in long term.

The 24 Months Term plan comes with an upfront subsidy on the cost of a new phone. So if you’re mad keen on our best new phones – this is the right option for you. Phone subsidy available until further notice. Spark can withdraw this at any time.

Minute and text allowances included in Monthly are for person to person use only.

When travelling overseas voice and data roaming charges apply. To view charges, visit

Help and Support

Setting up MySpark access


 All rates in this table are GST Inclusive Additional Minutes within NZ (on Data Sharer)
 69/c per minute
 MMS  50c/messages
 International text messages  3.0c each
 Voicemail (on Sharer Plans* not including Data Only Sharer)  Free
 Video calling  69c/minute
 International Calling Rates  
 Direct-dial any landline or mobile: Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland   89c/minute
 Rest of the world  $1.49/minute


Discounted monthly Spotify Premium w is available on Business Mobile Sharers (Business Sharer, Business Sharer Medium Term, Business Sharer Large Term). $9.99 (incl GST) will be charged to your Spark account when you purchase the Spotify Extra, and then subsequently every month on the renewal date, while you’re on an eligible Spark Pay Monthly plan, or until you cancel your Spotify subscription. If you change your Mobile Pay Monthly Plan, you may no longer be eligible to the Spotify Premium offer.

In order to use and access the Spotify Premium service, you will need to register with Spotify directly and accept Spotify Terms and Conditions of the Spotify service. The Spotify Terms and Conditions govern your use of the Spotify service.

Early termination fees

Contact us to check if any of your services come with a contract. If the contract term hasn't finished, you may be facing early exit fees.

If you bought a mobile from Spark interest free, check to see if you have any monthly payments left. You need to pay any instalments left before you cancel your account.

There's a standard 30-day notice period when you cancel Spark's services. The notice period starts from the day you let us know you want to cancel. For more information on our 30-day notice period, please see our terms and conditions.

Unlimited Usage Policy

See full Terms and Conditions for our Business Mobile Plans customers

These are applicable for all customers that sign up from 17 July 2017.

Unlimited Usage Policy*

Unlimited text is for standard person-to-person texts to standard NZ numbers (you need to be texting another person). Excludes premium and special numbers.

Unlimited texts cannot be used for re-supply, call centre usage, telemarketing, bulk messaging, application-to-person communication, machine to machine communication (including by using your SIM card in any other device), Cellular Trunking Units (CTUs), or any other activity that Spark considers to be non-standard personal usage ("Prohibited Usage").

If we consider that you are engaging in Prohibited Usage we may contact you and ask you to stop such usage. If such Prohibited Usage continues despite notification from us, we may remove your subscription with unlimited texts immediately with notice.

When we talk about per minute calling rates and the 'included minutes' in our Pay Monthly plans, these don't apply to video calling, directory assistance, operator-assisted and other types of chargeable calls like these.

If you decide to join us with a Pay Monthly plan for a fixed term and then find you need to break the term, then there will be some early disconnection charges or repayment of the mobile subsidy if you chose to receive one.

For Pay Monthly customers, your Extras will be used before any texts, minutes or data from your base plan. So, it's a good idea to add an Extra at your billing date so everything lines up.

Our included texts and Extras are for national person-to-person texts and don't include international texts or texts sent while roaming.

Our included Data Extras are for data to be used in New Zealand and don't include data used while you're outside New Zealand. To get the price of data for your international destinations, use our Global Roaming Quick Check tool.

Photo messages cost 20c per message to any Spark mobile, and 50c to any other network mobile, in New Zealand (photo message prices are GST inclusive).

Discounted Spotify Premium is available to customers on Business Sharer Plans $25.85 excl. GST and above (excludes Data Only Sharer $8.69 excl. GST).

Data charges and Spotify terms apply. View Spotify Premium with Spark terms