Find out how Cloud Phone can help your business

Cloud Phone changes how you talk business

Cloud Phone is a cost-effective, cloud-based collaboration and communication service, combining landline and mobile communications into one seamless experience.

With an extensive set of call management features and Unified Communications features, Cloud Phone makes it easier for your business to stay connected with your customers and colleagues, collaborate and enjoy greater mobility.

Along with the free site package that includes basic call management features, Cloud Phone provides a variety of hardware options and features for smarter working. Included features depend on the User Profiles selected: Lite, Standard or Premium.

How Cloud Phone works

Why Cloud Phone?


Cloud Phone Mobile user profiles provide you with one seamless environment, whether you’re working in the office, at home or out on the road. Users can make and receive calls using their mobile device's phone app as well as the Cloud Phone apps. They'll have access to Cloud Phone features from almost anywhere, across multiple devices (mobile, tablet or desktop).

Call management

Cloud Phone will help keep you in touch with your customers and colleagues. Features such as auto attendants, hunt groups, call queues and dedicated receptionist and call centre consoles mean you’ll never miss an opportunity and your customers can be sure they’re speaking to the right person.


Cloud Phone’s powerful features help you work better together as a team, even if you’re located across multiple locations. Collaboration features include My Room, instant messaging, status updates, audio and video conferencing and file and desktop sharing.

Future proof

Cloud Phone is easily scalable to keep up with the changing needs of your business. You can add and remove users or additional features to match your business needs.

Safe and secure

Your information is stored securely in a data centre with state of the art security, access controls, certified security personnel and regulatory compliance. And because the system is cloud-based you can keep using it even if you don’t have access to your building.

Cost certainty

Cloud Phone frees up your capital and makes it easy to plan ahead. There’s no expensive hardware to buy or maintenance fees to pay. And installation come free of charge.


Profiles start from as little as $13 (excl. GST) per month per user.

Options for Access

Cloud Phone can be supplied over the top of your existing internet connection or one of our business broadband plans. Or for a guaranteed quality of service, get Managed Access. This will give you dedicated voice and video connectivity using a combination of internet and managed data access.

About Cloud Phone

Profiles & pricing

Your Cloud Phone solution is made up of your choice of user profiles, your site package and any additional features, phones or headsets you require. You can mix and match to create a completely customised solution for your business. Each user profile comes with its own combination of features. User profiles are available from as little as $13 (excl. GST) per month.


User and admin portals

Dedicated real-time self-service web portals for users and administrators. Lets you manage site and user features from any computer.

Desktop, mobile and tablet apps

Desktop, mobile and tablet apps combine a number of communication and collaboration functions normally performed by several different apps.

Auto attendants

A virtual receptionist answers incoming calls and directs callers to specific departments or staff members via unique dialling options, for example, “Select one for sales, two for service, three for support.”

Hunt groups

Ensure your customers’ calls get answered faster by distributing calls from a single assigned number to a defined group of users, such as sales or support.

Call queues

Allows calls to queue until a team member assigned to the queue is available to pick up the call. Play customisable music for callers to listen to while they're on hold as well as customised entrance, wait and comfort messages.

Call centres

The call centre feature adds another dimension to hunt groups and call queues. It’s perfect for businesses that have a dedicated inbound call centre.

Receptionist console

A user-friendly web-based application designed for dedicated reception staff who receive and screen inbound calls.

Call recording

Record any phone call you want and choose which calls you want to save. You can set which calls are recorded and which are ignored. Listen to the recording, add notes and share it.

Mobile integration

You can use the native dialler on your mobile to make Cloud Phone calls over the Spark mobile voice network for a premium voice experience.

Find out how Cloud Phone can help your business

Every Cloud Phone customer must take at least one site package.

Site Packages consist of:

  • 1 x Auto Attendant
  • 1 x Call Queue
  • Hunt group
  • Group paging
  • Call park/pickup
  • Voicemail portal
  • Administration portal
  • Music on hold
  • All prices shown exclude GST.
  • You must have a minimum of two user profiles to sign-up for Cloud Phone.
  • You must have a minimum of one monthly Site Package.
  • You must sign up for a minimum term of 24-months.
  • All users receive unlimited calls to standard New Zealand and Australian landline and mobile numbers.
  • Cloud Phone should not be used for high volume contact centres, auto-dialling, continuous calling forwarding or any other activity that we consider to be non-standard.
  • The standard Cloud Phone calling charges apply to all other international destination calls made from your IP Desk Phone, Desktop application, Mobile application and Tablet application.
  • If your Cloud Phone solution requires additional Broadband and/or Mobile connections the charges are additional to your Cloud Phone charges.
  • Changes to your Cloud Phone solution can be made by Spark on request. Depending on the type of request charges may apply.
  • If you terminate prior to the expiry of the minimum term  or remove more than 40% of your users, then Early Termination Fees will apply.
  • Mobile and Tablet applications require iOS 10 and above, or Android 4.4 and above.
  • File Sharing, Desktop Sharing, Outlook calendar integration and My Room Guest client access are not available on mobile devices.
  • Full Cloud Phone terms and conditions are available here