Cloud Phone is a cost-effective, cloud-based collaboration solution, combining your landline and mobile communications into one seamless experience.


User features summary

User features

A user's phone won't ring if a caller has restricted their caller ID to reject unknown callers. These callers will hear that the user isn't accepting calls at that time. This service doesn't apply to calls from within a group.

A user can manage their barge in settings to allow or restrict others barging in on their calls. They can also set up a barge in warning tone.

Lets you forward calls if there's disruption to your service. It can be set up by an administrator or by a user through the My Phone portal.

Monitor the phone status of users within a defined group from your IP desk phone.

Redirect all incoming calls to another phone number or to voicemail.

Redirects incoming calls to another phone number or voicemail when you're busy.

Redirects incoming calls to another phone number or voicemail when you don't answer. 

Define when certain calls will redirect to another number or voicemail. You can set up rules based on incoming number, time of day and day of week. 

Call history gives you information on your outgoing, received and missed calls. 

Place a call on hold for an extended amount of time and then retrieve the call to continue the conversation.

Gives you the ability to call a number directly from your call history. 

Get an email notification when you receive a call that meets the criteria you specify.

Record inbound and outbound calls. Pause or resume live call recordings and listen to past call recordings at any time. Record any phone call you want and choose which calls you want to save. You can set which calls are recorded and which are ignored.

Redials the last number you called.

Call back the last person who called you.

Transfer a call to someone else and talk with the person you're transferring the call to.

Transfer a call to someone else without talking to the person you're transferring to.

Allows you to answer a call while already on another call. When a second call comes in you'll hear a call waiting tone. You can choose to pick up the new call and place your current call on hold, or reject the waiting call. 

Shows the caller ID of the second caller.

The company directory includes the contact details of all users and groups that have Cloud Phone access within your organisation. Users can access and call contacts and contact groups from the directory. 

Provides integration with a wide range of CRMs and other applications. CRM Connect lets you know who is calling before the call is answered.

Share your computer screen with a contact or a group while you collaborate via chat or voice calling.

Make calls, see contacts and manage Cloud Phone features from your Chrome browser.

Answer a call directed to another phone in the group.

Barge in on a call in the middle of a conversaton. This creates a three-way call. Administrators can choose to play a warning tone as a barge in occurs.

Set your status as unavailable so incoming calls don't come through to your phone.

Lets you call other people or groups in the company using their extension number. Variable length means administrators can set up extensions that are between two and six digits long.

These are codes that you enter through your phone keypad to control certain features. 

Transfer a file to a contact during a chat session from your desktop app.

Lets you load your phone and profile settings onto a shared (host) phone. This host phone becomes your primary device while you're logged in.

Shows the caller's name and phone number on your phone's display.

Chat one to one or with a group via the Cloud Phone desktop and mobile apps.

Calls you make can show the main office caller ID number rather than your phone number.

Make and receive calls using the Phone app included on your Spark mobile device.

Your own virtual collaboration space. Chat, dekstop share and audio/video call with other Cloud Phone users or guests. My Room allows up to 30 participants and up to 15 for video calls.

Lets you add up to five other people to a call. 

You can receive or place calls from any phone set up with office anywhere as if you were using your deskphone. Your standard outbound caller ID will show.  You can also switch between desktop and mobile phones while you're on a call.

Lets you call someone without showing your caller ID information. 

You can integrate your Outlook with Cloud Phone. When you search for contacts it'll include contacts from your Outlook account. For Premium users, Cloud Phone reads Outlook appointments. If there's an appointment running, and Outlook calendar integration is on, then their presence will show as Busy – in meeting. 

In the personal directory you can create and manage your own personal contacts.

View the current status of your contacts from the Cloud Phone desktop or mobile app.

A different tone will ring to let you know that a specific number or someone from your group is calling.

Lets you exclude yourself from the group and directory listings that other users can see.

Lets you use your phone as an intercom service between people from the company directory. 

Use Cloud Phone features while working away from the office.

Choose to let only certain calls come through to your phone. All other calls that don't match the your criteria will be blocked.

Choose to block certain calls from coming through to your phone. A caller will hear a message saying that you're not accepting calls.

When a call comes in, a predefined series of phones will ring one after the other until someone answers the call.

Lets calls ring on more than one phone from your site at the same time. Standard users can have up to five phones ring. Premium users can have up to 35 phones ring.

Have more than one phone ring at the same time when all calls come through to your Cloud Phone number. The first phone to answer will connect.

Programme up to 100 personal speed dial entries that you can dial from your phone or the portal. 

Lets you make a call between you and two other parties. All three parties can take part in the conversation. 

Transfer a call to someone else without talking to the person you're transferring to.

Unlimited NZ and AU calling

Site features

This is a web-based portal. Administrators can use it to view and manage site-specific features and settings, user settings and call history.

A virtual receptionist that answers and directs calls to specific departments or users. Callers will hear options to select, for example, press one for sales, two for service or three for support. You can set up schedules to define different rules for business hours, after hours and public holidays. 

Adds another dimension to hunt groups and call queues. It's great for businesses that have a dedicated inbound call centre. Call Centre fuctions include: a) Dedicated web-based portals for agents and supervisors. b) Customisable music for callers to listen to while they're on hold. You can also customise entrance, wait and comfort messages. c) Configurable overflow and night service settings. d) Multipule call distribution and routing policies. e) Ability to customise agent settings including availability and wrap up settings. Note: Call centre agents are a chargeable feature. Agents must be on a Premium profile. Individual call centre queues aren't chargeable. Call centre queues can contain agents from more than one site and agents can be part of more than one queue.

Puts a call on hold and plays your choice of hold music or messages to the caller until the agent resumes the call.

Call queues help to manage callers by having them queue until an agent assigned to the queue can pick up the call. Each call queue has a dedicated phone number. Call queues can be set up so calls ring all phones at the same time or in a predetermined sequence until answered. You can also add customised entrance messages, comfort messages and music on hold. Administrators can edits call queue groups in real time when needs or workloads change. They can also view various call queue reports.

A hunt group distributes calls from a single phone number to a group of users. If all users in the hunt group are unavailable, you can direct callers to a different destination. This could be other staff members, departments or voicemail. Note: There's no extra charge for hunt groups or users. Hunt groups can contain users from more than one site and users can be part of more than one hunt group.

Make a simultaneous call to up to 75 people at the same time through a single number or extension. Administrators can set up paging groups.

Call impromptu meetings and have more than one caller join a meeting in a single call from any location.

Play prerecorded music or announcements when callers are on hold. Choose the Cloud Phone default music or upload your own audio files. Music on Hold is only available on Call Queues and Call Centres.

Designed for reception staff who receive and screen incoming calls. The receptionist console is a web-based application. It lets you transfer calls, including parking and resuming calls. You can see if users are available to take a call or see queued calls and answer calls from the queue. You can also see users' mobile numbers and email addresses to direct calls or messages.