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Understand Cloud Phone outbound call types

Find out what each of the Cloud Phone outbound call types in the Administrator portal mean. You can set rules in the portal to control each of these outbound call types.  

The types of outbound calls and their definitions are:

  • Internal calls: These are calls within your own company. They include calls within your own site and to users at other sites or locations.
  • Local calls:  Calls to numbers within your local calling area
  • National calls: Calls to other regions in New Zealand and Scott Base
  • Freephone calls: Calls to toll-free numbers beginning with 0508 or 0800
  • International calls: Calls to international locations. The numbers will begin with 00 or +.
  • Operator assistance calls: Calls requiring operator assistance, including 010 and 0170 calls
  • Directory assistance: Calls for directory assistance to 018 and 0172
  • Special services I: Calls made to mobile or paging numbers with a prefix of 020, 021, 022, 026, 027, 028 or 029
  • Special services II: Not used right now
  • Premium services I: Calls to numbers beginning with 0900
  • Premium services II: Not used right now
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