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Roaming tips

Travelling overseas? Learn about your roaming options with Spark. Find out how to solve roaming problems, and who to contact while you're overseas.

Who to call if you have a roaming problem

From within New Zealand, call 0800 GOOD2GO ( 0800 466 324).

From anywhere else in the world, contact the International Roaming Helpdesk. They're available 24/7. Call +64 3 371 0866. This is a free call from a Spark mobile. 

Free calls from landlines are available in the following countries:

  • Australia call: 0011800 4663 2460
  • UK call: 00800 4663 2460
  • China call: 00800 4663 2460
  • Hong Kong call: 001800 4663 2460
  • Thailand call: 001800 4663 2460
  • Canada call: 011800 4663 2460

You can also email:

Lost or stolen devices

Contact the International Roaming Helpdesk on +64 3 371 0866 if you lose your device or it gets stolen. They're able to block your SIM.

If you don’t block your SIM straight away, you'll get charged for all calls made and data used until it's blocked.

Change any passwords, or other important information, stored on your device as soon as you can.

Calling tips

Making calls while roaming

Make sure the numbers in your contact list are in the international format so you can make calls and send texts without any issues.

All Spark mobiles and tablets offer +code (aka plus code) dialling. This lets you make calls, while roaming, without dialling the international access code.

Enter +, then the country code (for example 64 for New Zealand, 61 for Australia) followed by the phone number without the leading zero. For example:

  • 027 123 4567 becomes +64271234567
  • 09 345 6789 becomes +6493456789


  • Not sure how to get the + symbol on your keypad? Pressing and holding the 0 (zero) key on most phones brings up the + key. On older phones it can be a long press, or many presses of the * or # keys.
  • Store phone numbers in your contact list in the international format. This way you'll always dial or text the correct number. Note: This won’t impact making calls or sending texts when back in New Zealand.

Access voicemail while roaming

  • Call +64 83 083210 and wait for a message
  • Type in your PIN
  • Select # and listen to your messages

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