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Sometimes in business it can feel like you need to do everything on your own. Wouldn't it be great if someone offered a helping hand?

We offer products and services tailored to your business. Simply dial 0800 482 426 or book a visit from this Hub to arrange your 30-minute business tech check. How nice and easy that is for a change?

How we're helping our customers

ASAP Contracting

Being locally based is helping Spark's Chris Peate better understand ASAP Contracting’s needs. It also means he can provide solutions and support at the drop of a hat, which is really helping this Hamilton construction company get ahead.

Building is all about accuracy. Fortunately new tools like cloud computing and mobiles are helping ASAP Contracting get things nailed. They’re insurance reinstatement specialists, and having key job details like photos on hand is crucial when their builders arrive on-site. “If they get there and something doesn’t look quite right, they’re able to look at the photos,” owner Wes Cooper explains. “Our entire business is run online. We have so many guys all over the show, doing so many different jobs, so we’ve made sure all of our data is stored in the cloud – photos, job cards, all of that stuff. To manage the quantity of jobs we have, there’s just no way you could do it manually.”

But when your business model is so heavily mobile-based, support’s critical to keep things running at all times. Fortunately, Spark's Chris Peate, is on hand to make sure that whenever someone from the team’s working on site, their technology is too.

“They’re involved with some pretty big contracts throughout Hamilton and they’ve got multiple guys working around the region, so mobile and internet is key for them,” Chris explains. “From a technology point of view we’ve really been able to support them with our coverage especially, which I know has been a big thing for them.”

In fact, Spark’s dependable 3G and 4G coverage is a perfect fit for a business that relies on mobility. But beyond this, Chris’ intimate knowledge of both the region and his client’s business have been a real asset too. “Chris lives in the Waikato,” Wes explains. “The weather events in Hamilton alter our business at certain times of the year so he knows what we’re going through at any given time.”

Being a local also means Chris is on-hand to provide quick and useful everyday solutions for the ASAP Contracting director too. “At the drop of a hat, if I need a new SIM card for a staff member he’ll drop it in on his way home for us, which is cool. He knows I’m stretched for time and that helps me out big time.”

It’s a demonstration of the close relationship Chris has built with Wes and the team. Its lead to Chris understanding their business and that’s really helping them get ahead. “I’ve seen them go through the stage of blood, sweat and tears to get things going,” Chris explains. “Now they’re at a size where they have to be on point and organised to keep things growing quickly and efficiently.”

Wes believes that Spark’s mobile technology has helped lay down a solid foundation to achieve this. “We certainly are more web-based than most builders. But we’ve found that we have to be with the type of insurance work that we’re doing. This stuff’s helping us refine our processes because we want to be the best at what we do basically. These days we couldn’t run without tech. It wouldn’t be economical to do it any other way.”

But despite Wes’ future focus, the good old-fashioned personal touch that the Spark Business Hub brings has been just as important too.

“The best thing about it is having that one-to-one contact with someone when you need them,” Wes concludes. “It’s great having a bloke who knows your business helping you out, especially when you rely on tech as much as we do. He knows how important it’s for us to have technology work, and he goes above and beyond to make sure it does.”

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