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Spark Business Canterbury
Phone 0800 246 027
Unit 3
92B Russley Rd

Sometimes in business it can feel like you need to do everything on your own. Wouldn't it be great if someone offered a helping hand?

We offer products and services tailored to your business. Simply dial 0800 246 027 or book a visit from this Hub to arrange your 30-minute business tech check. How nice and easy that is for a change?

How we're helping our customers

Grant Hood Contracting

For 11 years Grant Hood Contracting has provided earth moving and civil engineering services to the Ashburton region. Coverage and service are especially important to them given the safety issues of heavy earth moving equipment and remote locations.

Carolyn Bond-Hood - Co-owner, Grant Hood Contracting

“We're rapt with James. We tell him what we want and he makes it happen.”

  • One weekend the kids accidentally deleted all the contacts off Grant's phone. James came over and sorted it out straight away, Carolyn still owes James a thank you chocolate cake.
  • They've added four phones since coming back to Spark and their monthly phone bill hasn't gone up.

We’ll come to you

You know your business. We know ours. Let’s talk. We’ll come to you and get it sorted.

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  • Deane Kingan

    Business Hub Owner

  • Russell Weaver

    Russell Weaver

    Business Hub Owner

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    Business Hub Manager

  • Tristan Palmer

    Client Manager

  • Gaurav Kumar

    Business Development Manager

  • Yolanda Huang

    Business Development Manager

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    Business Accounts Manager

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    Business Accounts Manager

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    Business Accounts Manager

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    Business Accounts Manager

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    Telephone Account Manager

  • Kirstin Burt

    Business Sales Coordinator

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    IT Manager

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    Client Liason

  • Jo-Anne Creagh

    Sales Support

  • Emma Kay

    Customer Resolutions Specialist

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