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Reduce my spending

Here are four things you can do to keep your costs down:

1. Stop paying for mobile data at standard rates

For customers who use their phone a lot, paying standard rates for data is never a good idea. Here are a couple of recommendations: 

  • Add a cap on your data usage so once your plan allocation runs out, your mobile data will stop until your monthly plan refreshes. 
  • Buy a data extra that suits your needs. Shop Data extras

2. Stop paying for calls at standard rates

A good rule of thumb when it comes to calling usage is that if your usage cost is higher than your monthly rental, you need to look at changing your plan. Unlike data, we don’t put a cap on your calling once your allocated minutes run out. So we recommend: 

  • Buy a talk extra that suits your needs. Shop Talk extras
  • Sign up to one of our unlimited calling plans instead. 

3. Use an International calling extra

Do you make a lot of overseas calls from your mobile? If you are calling anywhere else, check whether that country is included in our International Calling extra. Shop International Calling extra

4. Get rid of your landline(s)

If you are a Spark business mobile customer you can also get a free landline number that diverts to your mobile. We can either set up a new number, or convert your existing landline.

It’s a great option if your customers still call you on your landline but you only call from your mobile and you’d like to cut costs down.

Or, you could also sign up for Naked broadband. This is broadband on its own, so you won’t pay for a landline connection as well.

If you have multiple landlines it’s worth looking at how you are using them and whether you still need them. Here are some examples of how you can use mobile instead of landline:

  • Upgrade EFTPOS machines so that they use an internet connection.
  • Alarm companies offer mobile-compatible monitored alarms that don’t need a landline.
  • When the main line is busy, answer calls with your mobile phone using call diversion.
  • If you use a fax, switch to our eFax service. You can send and receive multiple faxes at once via email using your existing fax number. Learn more about eFax
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