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Understand my Spark Business bill

Your first Spark bill is a little bit different. That's because it includes your first full month's charges, plus extra bits to tidy up your first few days with us. Here's how it works:

Your connection date

Your connection date is the day you're connected and start using our services. This may be a day or so after you first signed up.

Your monthly cycle

Your billing cycle will generally start and end on the same day of each month. It's also the date when any data allowances or other regular services are renewed. We try to keep your billing cycle close to your connection, but there's usually a few days in between.

The extra bit on your first bill

Since most people are connected before their first full monthly billing cycle starts, there are a few extra days to pay for. This is billed pro-rata. In other words, you don't pay for the whole month, just the extra days. Your billing dates generally start and end on the same days each month. It's likely your connection date, or the date when you change a plan or service, will not be the same as your start billing date. The difference between these two dates becomes the pro-rata charge.

Your current balance is easy to see online by signing into MySpark or the Spark app. You can also view any bill from the last 18 months and see your last three payments. Sign in to MySpark

Your bill doesn’t show what’s included in your plan, but it’s easy to get the details by signing in to MySpark or the Spark app. If you know the name and cost of your plan you can also check out our mobile and fixed line plan pages for more detail.

When the GST subtotal is an amount other than 15% of the total, there are a few common explanations. Understand GST on my bill

To process your bill, our systems need a reference number.

Usually the reference is your landline number, but if you have a Naked Broadband connection or Wireless Broadband you won’t have a landline number to use.

If you have Wireless Broadband or Naked Broadband, there will be a number on your bill for this service. It may be an 027 mobile number, a local phone number, or a billing reference number starting with 166. To enable billing every plan has a number associated with it. This is the case even if you don’t have a landline.

Sometimes we will also charge interest free payments and/or your mobile insurance to a separate reference number instead of charging it to a mobile number.

You could also see a billing reference number when we charge mobile phones and accessories to your account rather than to a mobile number.

Put simply – these numbers can look confusing, but they won’t change the amount you'll be charged at all.

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