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Fibre for Business

First, check if Fibre has already been installed in your street by your local Fibre company (LFC).

If you're not sure, use our online address checker to see if Fibre is available for your business. Go to the address checker

You can then call 0800 BUSINESS to get things under way.

Next, the LFC will be in touch to talk through what needs to happen.

From start to finish, getting Fibre connected can take anything from a few weeks to a few months. That's due to several factors, including how busy your LFC is, how many technicians are available, and how easy it is to connect your business.

When Fibre is installed, your connection will come through a completely separate cable. Your modem and phone will connect to something called an Optical Network Terminal (ONT). So because your existing jackpoints won't be connected to the ONT, they won't work.

The good news is that it's easy to fix. We offer something called integrated wiring. This service connects your existing jackpoints with the ONT so you can keep using them. 

For all new Fibre connections, we're currently offering integrated wiring for no extra cost. (If you ask for integrated wiring after your Fibre's already been installed, there'll be a charge for the work.)

Do you have any of the following hardware or services at your address? Check and take the recommended action: 

PABX phone systems

Many PABX phone systems are not compatible with Fibre voice, so we recommend checking with your hardware manufacturer first.

Centrex and Stepping lines

Because Centrex and Stepping rely on the copper network, we cannot upgrade a Centrex or a stepping line to Fibre. You can still sign up for Fibre as a new connection, but you will need to keep both your copper line as well as signing up for Naked Fibre Broadband.

Monitored security and medical alarms

We can't be sure that devices using a copper landline will work with a Fibre-based landline. These include medical alert and monitored security alarms, so if you have one of these, check with the alarm monitoring company or the manufacturer to see if you’ll need to update it.

Low-speed modems and other equipment

We've carried out extensive testing on other devices like Sky boxes, faxes, EFTPOS machines and low-speed modems. We are confident that most devices will work fine with a Fibre landline, but we can't guarantee that every variant on the market will.

So if you're worried that a device might not be compatible, please check with the manufacturer and make sure you test the device as soon as your new Fibre connection is up and running.

A Fibre landline won't work without power. This includes emergency services (111). So if it's critical that you stay connected during a power outage, we'd recommend you buy an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

In most cases, yes. But you'll need to pay for the Fibre broadband and copper line as two separate services, so you’ll be paying a higher monthly charge.

Yes, and you can manage your landline settings online. Just sign into MySpark and head to My Landline

It depends.

A standard installation for a new Fibre connection or a Fibre upgrade is completely free, even if you're on an existing contract with Spark.

A standard installation covers the cost of new hardware, site visits, integrated wiring (if necessary) and up to 15 metres of cabling.

Non-standard installations don’t happen often, but any of the following could make it non-standard:

  • Your building is more than 15 metres from the roadside Fibre hub
  • It's a multi-storey building 
  • You want extra wiring (this isn't the same as integrated wiring, which connects things like jackpoints, extra phone lines, medical alarms and pay TV)
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