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Question my bill

Take a look at understanding your bill and see if that helps explain things. Understand my bill

If you need a quick answer to your query, you can also message our team. Message us


If your account is in credit because you cancelled it, or because of an overpayment, we'll sort it out for you. You can ask for a refund by completing the following form: Refund request

We can pay your refund within 7–10 working days by: 

  • Crediting your NZ or overseas bank account
  • Transferring the balance to another Spark account (the same legal entity); this excludes Prepaid accounts
  • Donating your refund to Spark Foundation to support its community programmes

After six years, any unclaimed account balance more than $100 will go to the IRD. This complies with the Unclaimed Monies Act. 

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