4G HD Calling Trial

We’re currently running a trial of 4G HD Calling with a select group of customers.
Keep an eye on this page for more details once we launch the full service.


Frequently asked questions

Here’s a bit of information to help you understand the ins and outs of 4G HD Calling, and what it means for you.


We’re currently running a trial with a select group of customers.

If you have an iPhone 6s or later with iOS 13, you can turn on 4G HD Calling in your settings and restart your phone. 

We’re aiming to make this service available to all customers by early 2020. Keep an eye on this page for further updates.

If your phone doesn’t support 4G HD Calling, don’t worry. Your device will continue to function as is on Spark’s 3G network.

If data is switched off your phone, you can still make and receive HD calls. Make sure 4G HD Calling is enabled on your phone so that you can make and receive calls using 4G. As usual, you won’t be able to browse the internet while your data connection is switched off.

Here’s how you can see what kind of call you’re making:

  • For iPhone 6s and later, the 4G icon will remain in your status bar.
  • For Samsung S9 and later and Samsung Note10 and  later, you’ll see "HD calling" while placing a call and "HD" in the call screen during the call.
  • For Huawei P30/P30 Pro phones, you'll see "HD" if the call is connected or has gone to voicemail. You won't see any icons while it's ringing.

If you don't see these icons, the call is most likely using standard 3G (HD Voice).

Yes, you can call anyone using 4G HD Calling, including your friends and family that are on 3G Voice or other networks.

No, 4G HD Calling does not use data.

Yes, you can continue to make three-way conference calls if you’re on a Pay Monthly plan. You can't make three-way calls if you’re on a Prepaid plan.

Yes, if your device is capable of video calling, you'll still be able to make video calls if the person you are calling is also using 4G HD Calling. If you're calling someone who's not using 4G HD Calling, your call will drop to HD Voice (3G) only. If someone who doesn’t have 4G HD Calling tries to video call you, the call won't connect.

For a true 4G-to-4G calling experience, both the caller and the receiver must be using enabled devices connected to the Spark network in a 4G coverage area. 

Yes, 4G HD Calling is available to all Spark mobile customers for no additional cost.




If you're unable to make or receive a 4G HD call, it might be one of the following reasons:

  • 4G HD Calling isn’t activated for your mobile number.
  • Your device isn't using the latest software. To check if there is an update available, follow the instructions below.
    • iPhone 6s and later: Settings > General > About Device > Software Update
    • Samsung Galaxy S9 and later; Note10 and later: Settings > Software Update > Download and install
    • Huawei P30/P30 Pro: Settings > System > Software Update > Check for Updates'

You'll know if 4G HD Calling is active if you see the "VoLTE" icon in your status bar. If you don’t see "VoLTE", try restarting your phone.

Still not working? Get in touch with us:

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Call us on 0800 800 123

If you move from an area with 4G coverage to one with only 3G coverage or no coverage, your call might drop. This is because 3G fallback isn't supported. We’re continually expanding the coverage and capacity of our 4G network, so we expect the number of dropped calls to decrease as our service improves.