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Understand my Spark bill

Find out what each of the sections on your Spark bill mean. Learn about your first Spark bill, a mobile bill, a standard bill and a final bill.

If you're a business customer, you can find out about Understanding your business bill

First Spark bill

When you receive your first Spark bill, there may be a few charges that you're wondering about:

  • Spark charges for services a month in advance. This means your first bill will have a full month's charge from your bill’s start date. You'll also get a pro-rata charge (one-off) from your connection date up to your billing start date.
  • If you change, cancel or add a service, you may get a pro-rata charge.
    Find out more about pro-rata charges
  • If you signed up to a plan with a special offer, your bill will show the value of that offer. You'll receive a credit on your account for this value.

Wire maintenance

  • The wire maintenance charge is a type of assurance. It covers labour, parts and repairs for faulty wiring due to natural wear and tear. This charge will appear on your first bill and all that follow.
  • Depending on the services you use, you may or may not need wire maintenance. If you use a service that may need wire maintenance, you can choose to opt out. If you choose to opt out, you’ll get a charge if a technician needs to repair your phone line. Find out more about wire maintenance

Final Spark bill

Account is in credit

Final payment on direct debit

  • Your direct debit will occur on your usual billing date.
  • If there are any credits owing after this direct debit payment, you'll get them on the next bill. These may include pro-rata charges. Find out more about pro-rata charges
  • We won’t take any further payments from your account once it’s closed.

Paying final Spark bill

  • If you have an amount to pay on your final bill, choose which payment method works for you.
    Choose a way to pay

Access copies of your bill online

  • You can still sign in to MySpark for up to 60 days after you disconnect.
  • Make sure you download any bills you want to keep before the 60 days are up.

Charges after disconnection

  • You may still see a full month's charge on your bill after you cancel a service. This is because we need 30 days' notice.
  • The notice period starts from the day you let us know you want to cancel.
  • More information on our 30-day notice period can be found in our terms and conditions. See terms and conditions

Bill for a mobile with interest-free payments

You can get a mobile on an interest-free payment method. Find out more

GST and credit amounts on first bill

  • On your first bill after buying a mobile, the charge for the total cost of the mobile will show.
  • You may notice a large GST charge on your first bill. We charge you GST for the total cost of your mobile on your first bill, as this is when we need to make the GST payment to IRD. The credit for the total cost of your mobile and your monthly installments won't have GST applied to them.

Payment due each month

  • Your monthly payment will be either 1/12 or 1/24 of the total device cost. This depends on your repayment period.
  • Your bill tells you which payment installment you are up to.


  • You can apply for a refund if you close your Spark account and it's still in credit. Apply for a refund

Things you should know

After you get your first Spark bill and you're in a regular billing cycle, your bill will look a bit different.

  • If there is a charge circled in red, it means we haven’t received payment for the full amount on your last bill.
  • If you've made a payment, but it doesn't appear on your bill:
    • Check your bill date and your payment date. The bill date may be before you made a payment. You can use the Spark app or MySpark to check.
    • Check with your bank to make sure the payment cleared.
    • Still no luck? Fill out the question a bill form. View form
  • We charge a late fee if you don’t pay your bill on time. Find out more about late fees
  • Charges on your bill appear in an itemised format, grouped by phone number. For example, the charges related to your home phone will appear together.

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