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Set up my mobile

Find out how to set up your mobile on the Spark network.

Spark SIM card 

To access the Spark network, you'll need a Spark SIM card.

Depending on the type of SIM your phone uses, you'll need to use a standard, micro or nano SIM. You'll get all three sizes in one SIM card — pop out the size you need. Check your mobile's manual to find out what SIM your phone uses.

Set up your Prepaid phone

  • If you bought your SIM from Spark's online shop your new details will be set up. Put the SIM in your phone and start using your phone. Go to
  • Bought your SIM elsewhere? Put it into your phone and go to, or call *333 from your mobile, to activate it. Follow the instructions to select your value pack and top up.
  • Check your phone's user guide for how to insert your SIM card.

Set up your Pay Monthly phone

  • Put the SIM card into your phone and you can start using your phone.
  • Check your phone's user guide for how to insert your SIM card.
  • If your SIM isn't set up, activate it by calling 0800 785 785.

Unlock a Spark mobile

  • Some of our mobiles are SIM locked, and will only work on the Spark network.
  • If you want to use a SIM-locked phone on another network, you’ll need to unlock it first.
  • Bring it into a Spark store and we'll unlock it.
  • A Spark store will unlock your phone for free if the following criteria apply:
    • You've had the phone on the Spark network for more than nine months.
    • You're on a Pay Monthly 24-month term plan. You get one free unlocking during the life of the plan.
  • This costs $30 if you've had the phone on the Spark network for less than nine months. This cost doesn't apply to Pay Monthly 24-month term plan customers.

Unlock a non-Spark mobile​

If your mobile's on another network, it may be locked to that network. You may need to contact your provider to unlock the phone. After your phone's unlocked, you'll need to buy a Spark SIM to connect to our network. You can buy your SIM card at a Spark store or online.​​

Spark’s mobile network settings

Find out from your phone's user guide where to enter the following settings in your phone.

Connect your mobile to the internet or set up tethering

  • Leave the username and password fields blank.
  • APN: Internet.

Set up photo and video messages (MMS)

  • Leave username and password fields blank.
  • APN: Internet.
  • MMSC:
  • MMS proxy:
  • MMS port: 80
  • MMS secure Port: 8080
  • MMS max message size: 614400
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