Quick Prepaid overview


1. Choose from our great range of Value Packs.

2. Packs renew every 28 days.

3. Casual rates apply once you’ve used up your plan allowance.

4. Set and forget with auto-renew so you avoid paying casual rates.

5. When travelling overseas, voice, SMS and data roaming charges apply. 



How Prepaid works

Get a Spark SIM

Pop it in your phone and then visit spark.co.nz/go to get started.

Pick a Value Pack

Our Value Packs have a range of data, texts or minutes - as well as Spotify Premium on selected packs, so you can choose one that suits your needs.

Choose how you pay

A one off top up or set and forget with auto-renew. You can set auto-renew up to use your Prepaid credit balance or a credit/debit card.

Buy Extras

Extras are a great way to get more out of your Value Pack. Choose Extras for talking, texting or data. 

Buy Extras through MySpark or through a text code.

Go casual

Value packs not your thing? Try our casual rate:

TALK | 49c/min, TEXT | 20c/msg, DATA | $1/day for 10MB then 30c/MB



Manage your account

Spark app

Our free Spark app is the place to manage your account, check your data, buy Extras and more.

Download the app

MySpark online

Don’t have iPhone or Android? No problem. You can still access your account through MySpark online.

Sign up



Getting the most out of Spark

Spotify Premium

With Spotify Premium you can stream music ad-free or download your favourite music to listen offline.

Spotify Premium is available on Spark Value Packs and Data Lover packs for $9.20 /28 days incl GST (usually $16.99/month).

Get Spotify

Spark Music

Get access to music pre-sale tickets and exclusive experiences.

Find out more

Voicemail app

The Spark Voicemail app is $1 over 4 weeks. Text 'BUY 1 VOICEMAIL' to 258 or click below to find out more.

Find out more






Help when you need it

Need help with your phone? Have a question about your plan? Here's where the answers live.

Device help

Brush up on your mobile skills with our friendly help guides and tutorials.

Device help

Get in touch

We’re here to help. Call *333 from your mobile. Weekdays: 7am-8pm. Weekend: 8am-6pm.

Help and support
Additional minutes $0.49 per minute
Additional standard texts $0.20 per messsage
MMS (Picture messaging) $0.50 per messsage
Video calling $0.89 per minute
International SMS message $0.30 per messsage
Casual data $1.00 per day for 10MB
Additional casual data $0.30 per MB
Voicemail $0.20 per retrieval
Video messaging $1.00 per message
International direct-dial calling: Australia, US, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland     $0.91 per minute
Rest of the world $1.43 per minute

Unlimited texts refer to person-to-person text messages (SMS) sent to New Zealand mobile numbers only. This does not include special numbers such as 018 or short codes where you will be charged at the standard rates as set out in your Base Plan.

How Prepaid works

Our Rollover Value Packs renew every four weeks (28 days), unless stated otherwise. The minutes and data allowances you get in our Rollover Value Packs expire 365 days after you buy them, unless used up or replaced by newer allowances. SMS allowance included in the Value Packs expire 28 days after you buy them. The minutes included in Value Packs can be used any time of the day or week. They are for National calling only.

Our Data Lovers Rollover Packs renew every 4 weeks (28 days). The data allowances you get in our Data Lovers Rollover Packs expire 365 days after you buy them, unless used up or replaced by newer allowances. Socialiser data included in the Data Lovers Packs expire 28 days after you buy them. Minutes and texts are charged at casual rates.

See below for details on how Rollover works under Things you need to know – Rollover

All rates are GST inclusive.

When travelling overseas, voice, SMS and data roaming charges apply. Go to view roaming charges

Casual rates apply after the included minutes, data or text allocations have been used.

Renewing your pack

All our Value Packs and Data Lovers Packs are set to auto renew every 4 weeks.

You can Auto Renew with debit or credit card which automatically buys your extra from your debit or credit card each month. Or you can renew automatically with your prepaid balance. Go to Ways to top up

To ensure you have sufficient balance we recommend you set up Auto Top Up. If your balance is less than needed we'll text you to let you know you need to top up. If you don't top up we will text you to let you know the subscription has been placed on hold for up to five days. You will be charged at the Prepaid Plans casual rates over this time. If you don't top up we will text you to let you know the subscription has not been renewed and then you'll be able to top up and re-purchase a subscription. If you do top up during this 5 day period please note your original renewal date will stay the same (for example if you purchased your Value Pack on 21 October and did not have enough credit to automatically renew on 18 November but you top up on 22 November your extra next renewal date will be 16 December). To make the most of your Value Pack we encourage you to top up before your renewal date.

If your Auto Renew card payment fails your Value Pack or Extra will be put on hold for five days. You'll need to top up to complete the purchase of your Value Pack or Extra.

How Rollover works

Prepaid Rollover only applies to minute and data allowances included in Spark Rollover Prepaid Packs. Endless and Unlimited allowances, Socialiser Data, Mobile extras. You may use your Rollover allowance while you remain on a Rollover Pack. If you move to an ineligible Pack, extra or Casual Rates (including where your eligible Pack failed to renew at the end of its cycle) your Rollover allowance will be frozen. A 365 day expiry period applies to rollover allowances, including when frozen will continue to run. If you purchase an eligible Pack within the expiry period, you can continue using your Rollover allowance up until expiry and also accrue new Rollover allowances.

The maximum amount of Rollover you can accumulate is 3.5GB of data and 500 NZ minutes. Once you’ve reached the Rollover maximum, any new quantity will replace the corresponding quantity of oldest data or minutes. Rollover allowance is used in order of expiry, and quantities expiring soonest will always be used first.

The allowances available to you will be used in the following order:

  1. Any allowance included in your Pack or extra, in order of expiry
  2. Any rollover allowance accumulated

You can use the Spark App or the MySpark dashboard to check accumulated rollover and expiry dates.

Spark's Mobile and Wireless Terms also apply. Go to Mobile and Wireless Terms

Spotify Premium Prepaid Mobile customers

Spotify Premium is available to customers on Spark Value Packs and Data Lover packs for $9.20 per 28 days including GST (usually $16.99 /month).  

Data charges and Spotify terms apply. View Spotify Premium with Spark terms

When will my Data Stack increase?

Your Data Stack will increase every 28 days as long as you keep your eligible Value Pack active, and keep your MySpark login.


How do I check how much data is in my Data Stack?

You can check your Data Stack allowance in MySpark using the app or online. Go to MySpark


With Data Stack, can I still change my Prepaid Value Pack?

Yes, as long as you have one eligible Pack active on your mobile, you’ll keep your Data Stack. For example, you can change from the $20 Prepaid Rollover Value Pack to the $30 Prepaid Rollover Value Pack, and your Data Stack will remain intact.


Does Data Stack roll over?

No, Data Stack amounts do not roll over, but the included Pack data within the $20, $30 or $50 Prepaid Rollover Value Packs will roll over if there is any left over at the time of the Pack renewal/expiry up to a maximum of 3.5GB.