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Check your connection

Find out how to diagnose and fix problems with your broadband connection and home network in the Spark app or MySpark online.


Check your connection in the Spark app

Use the Check Connection tool

You can use this tool in the Spark app when:

  • You're having speed issues with your broadband
  • You find your devices are dropping off the network
  • There's limited or no WiFi in your house

The tool will scan your home connection and diagnose issues. It will then give you recommendations for how to fix or optimise your home network. You can run this check yourself.

If you need more help, you can also run guided checks while you're speaking with a Spark advisor. These checks allow you to share pictures or live video of your setup at home.

We've partnered with RouteThis to make the Check Connection tool available in the Spark app.

Get started

  1. If you don't already have the Spark app on your phone, download it and sign in with your Spark ID and password. Then add your broadband account to it. Find out how to set up the Spark app
  2. Open the Spark app and select MySpark from the menu.
  3. Tap on Products at the top of the screen.
  4. Tap on the broadband connection you're having problems with.
  5. Scroll down the page to the Spark services menu and tap on Check connection.

  6. You'll now have two options: Run a broadband self-check, or run guided checks with a Spark advisor.

Run a broadband self-check

  1. On the Check connection screen, tap on Start self-check.

  2. The tool will check your connection from our network to your modem and the internet, and display the results.
  3. If no problems are found but you're still having trouble, bring your phone as close as you can to your broadband modem and tap Check home network. This will check the status of your home network.
  4. The home network scan will take around two minutes to complete.
  5. Once the scan has finished, it will list any problems it found in your home network and instructions for how to fix them.  

Run guided checks with a Spark advisor

If you would prefer Spark to guide you through checking your home network, call us on 0800 800 123. Together we’ll run through the troubleshooting and find out what’s going on with your broadband.

  1. Make sure you're speaking with a Spark advisor before starting these checks.
  2. When the Spark advisor asks you to, tap on Start guided checks.
  3. Follow their instructions for which option to choose from there.

While taking you through the guided checks, your Spark advisor may ask you to send photos or share live video with them. These features use your mobile data unless you're connected to WiFi.  

The amount of data it will use is:

  • Sending a photo: Between 0.5MB and 2MB, depending on the quality of your camera.
  • Sharing live video: 1.5Mbps for High Definition (HD) video, or 550Kbps for Standard Definition (SD) video. Videos will be HD unless your connection isn't strong enough.

Got questions about privacy?

Find out what happens with information you give us access to while we're guiding you through checks to fix home network issues in the Spark app.

What will Spark do with my information?


Test your Fibre or Copper broadband in MySpark

If you're having trouble connecting to the internet, run the diagnostic test in MySpark online to check what's wrong.

  • You'll need to sign in to MySpark to run the test. Then we'll be able to connect with your modem and find out what the issue is. Run the test
  • If you haven't registered for MySpark, you'll need to do that first. Register for MySpark