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Stay connected during an outage

Find out how to stay online if your Spark broadband stops working. Learn how to get free data and national calling on your Spark mobile for seven days.

What is Connection Promise?

If your broadband stops working, you can set up Connection Promise to stay online until it's fixed.

Connection Promise gives you:

  • Extra data on your Spark mobile to connect to the internet
  • Free national calling on your Spark mobile if you have a Spark landline

How it works

If your Spark home or business broadband can't be fixed immediately, you'll get extra Spark mobile data while it's repaired. You'll get this data for seven days, even if your broadband is fixed sooner.

You can choose one primary mobile to receive updates about your connection.

What you'll get

You'll get free mobile data for up to four mobiles in your household.

On a broadband and landline plan

  • 20GB for 7 days on your primary Spark mobile
  • 5GB for 7 days per mobile for up to three more Spark mobiles
  • Free national mobile calling for 7 days

On a broadband-only plan (naked broadband)

  • 20GB for 7 days for your primary Spark mobile
  • 5GB for 7 days per mobile for up to three more Spark mobiles

Who can get this service?

You can get Connection Promise if you're a Spark Home or Business customer on a Spark broadband plan or broadband and landline plan (ADSL, VDSL or Fibre).

It doesn't matter which Spark mobile plan you have. Though, the mobile numbers you nominate must be with Spark.

You can't get Connection Promise if you are on Wireless Broadband.

You can register the Spark mobiles you want to get Connection Promise in MySpark. You'll need to register for MySpark if you haven't already.

Register for MySpark

Set it up with MySpark

  1. Sign in to MySpark
  2. Go to Overview, Broadband usage
  3. Select Manage Connection Promise under your usage information
  4. Enter the Spark mobile number you want as your primary number for 20GB free data
  5. Add up to three more Spark mobile numbers to receive free 5GB data

If you have a landline, you'll automatically get free national calling to all of your Spark mobiles set up for Connection Promise. Information will be sent by text to your primary mobile number.

If your broadband goes down you can use MySpark to check your connection status. If your issue isn't able to be resolved immediately, the fault will be reported and Connection Promise will be added to your chosen mobiles.

Check connection in MySpark

  1. Sign in to MySpark
  2. Go to Overview, Broadband usage
  3. Select Is your internet working? under Broadband options
  4. Select your broadband line from the dropdown and select start to check your connection

You can use your mobile phone's data allowance on other devices. This is known as tethering or using your phone as a personal hotspot. Here are two ways:


  1. On your mobile phone, go to Settings
  2. Go to the Wireless & networks section, and then select Tethering & portable hotspot
  3. Select Personal hotspot, then select the slider to turn it on
  4. Stay on this screen until you've connected your other device to the WiFi hotspot
  5. On the device you want to connect, go to Settings > WiFi and look for your mobile phone in the list. Then tap the WiFi network to join. If prompted, enter the password for your personal hotspot.


  1. On your mobile phone, go to Settings
  2. Turn on your Personal hotspot
  3. Connect your devices using a USB cable
  4. Go to Settings on your computer
  5. Select your phone from the list of network connections available
  • Connection Promise Data and National Calling is additional to any data allowance within the base Spark mobile plan, extras or Prepaid Value Pack and will be used first before any base mobile plan allowance
  • Connection Promise is intended to keep you connected when your broadband goes down due to a broadband and/or landline fault related to the network, Spark's service or a fault with Spark provided hardware. See Service Definition for more terms and conditions
  • At times Connection Promise may not be available due to the nature or location of an outage or due to planned maintenance or repairs to our network. See Service Availability for more terms and conditions

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