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Manage directory listing

Your listing status lets you choose the level of privacy that's right for you. Find out about listing types and what yours could include if you choose to have one.

Listing types

  • Confidential: This means no one can access your information through the White pages phone book, online directory or by calling 018.
  • Emergency services only (Unlisted): This means your contact information cannot be accessed through the White Pages phone book, online directory or 018. But your name, address and landline phone number are available to emergency services. If you haven't set up a directory listing, Spark sets this as your default listing type.
  • 018 Directory service: People can find your contact information by calling 018 and giving your name. They can't find your information in the White pages phone book or online directory. 
  • Published: This means your information is available to everyone through the White pages phone book, online directory and 018. Be aware that if you choose to publish your information, anyone (including phone scammers) can use your directory listing to contact you.

Whatever option you choose, Spark will still have access to your information and will treat it in a way that aligns with our privacy policy. Go to privacy policy

What information is included in 018 Directory service and Published listings?

018 Directory Service and Published listings need to include your initials, surname, phone number and the suburb you live in. You can choose to include more of your name and address if you'd like to. However, for your privacy and security, we recommend that you minimise the amount of information you include in your listing.

Here are some examples of published listings:

Aaron B. Sample
25 Example Street
07 123 45678

A. Sample
07 123 45678

How to set up, review or change your directory listing

Spark provides one free standard directory listing to anyone with a Spark landline phone number.

You can set up, review or change your directory listing at any time. You can do this online through MySpark or by getting in touch with us. Message us

If you don't have internet access, call us on 123. Business customers can contact 126 or their Account Manager to view or make changes.

  1. Sign in to MySpark
  2. Select Settings in the left-hand panel (you might need to scroll down)
  3. Under Landline select Directory listing – this will take you to your listing information
  4. Select Edit if you'd like to make changes
  5. Amend your details as needed
  6. Select Save 

Remember, any changes to your listing won't take full full effect until the next round of White Pages are printed. Your online and 018 information will be updated within five working days. 

If you would like to have a mobile number listed, you'll need to arrange this directly with Yellow Pages, who may charge a fee. 

What happens if you move address or change services

  • Confidential listings won't change.
    If you have a confidential listing, when you move address or change your services with Spark your confidential listing won't change. You can always assure yourself of this by checking your listing status.
  • We may change your 018 Directory service or Published listing.
    If you have an 018 Directory service or Published listing, when you change your name, address or number, your services with Spark your listing will automatically change to Unlisted. This happens so that your new contact information is protected until you're ready to make it available again.
  • Note: If you move to another provider, you will need to arrange your listing details with them.

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