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Manage call features: fibre & wireless landline

You can set up call features for your fibre or wireless landline. Find out how to manage these call features.

Manage My Favourites

With My Favourites you can choose three numbers you can call any time from your landline and talk for up to two hours per call for $6 per month. The numbers you choose must be either Spark mobile numbers or New Zealand landlines.

You can manage your My Favourites numbers online using the My Favourites form. View form

Use MySpark

Many of the call features for fibre or wireless landlines can be set up and managed in MySpark. If you've not used MySpark before you can create an account here

You can use MySpark to:

  • Set up call diversions.
  • Hide your number.
  • Manage blocking calls.
  • Manage call barring.
  • Manage call waiting.
  • Manage distinctive ringtones. Set up different ring tones if you have dual numbers coming into the same landline.
    • Note: this isn't available for wireless landlines.
  • Set up simultaneous ringing, so your mobile and your landline ring at the same time for an incoming call. You can answer calls on up to five phones. Charges apply if you want to connect a non-Spark mobile.

To complete any of the tasks above:

  1. Sign in to MySpark
  2. Select Products and services.
  3. Select your landline service:
    • Fibre Landline
    • Wireless Broadband Landline
  4. Under General settings, select the feature you'd like to manage, eg:
    • Hide your number and select on or off.
    • Call blocking settings.
    • Change your call bar settings.
    • Call Waiting settings.
    • Dual number settings.
    • Simultaneous ring settings.
    • Call diversion settings.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Landline extras

You can purchase feature packs for your landline in MySpark. Shop for landline packs

Note: Hide phone number

You can choose to hide your phone number when making a call. You can do this per call, or set it up for every call. Your phone number will show as No caller ID or Unknown. You can manage this in MySpark, or choose one of the following:

  • Hide a number for one call, dial 197 from your fibre or wireless landline and then enter the number you want to call.
  • Always hide a number, dial *26# or 1426#.
  • To stop hiding your number for one call, dial 196 or 0196, then the number you want to call.

Note: Caller blocking

Follow the steps within the Use MySpark section above to manage your Caller blocking settings. You can choose to:

  • Block all incoming calls: You won't be able to receive any calls.
  • Block specific numbers: Keep getting calls from everyone except numbers you've chosen.
  • Block everyone except specific numbers: Only get calls from numbers you've chosen.
  • Block private numbers.
  • Block hidden numbers: Hidden numbers won't be able to call.

Note: Call barring

Your default call barring PIN is 1212. If you enter your PIN wrong 10 times in a row, you won't be able to do any call barring updates for five minutes. Contact Spark for additional help.

Manage call barring from your landline

To turn off call barring, enter 1480, then 0 [your PIN] #.

Only allow calls to local numbers

  • Enter 1480, then 1 [your PIN] #.
  • You can still call 0800 numbers, quick dial codes, voicemail and emergency services.

Bar calls to international numbers

  • Enter 1480, then 2 [your PIN] #.
  • Only calls to international numbers and the international directory assistance (0172) won't connect.

Bar calls to mobiles and international numbers

  • Enter 1480, then 3 [your PIN] #.
  • Only calls to mobile numbers, international numbers and international directory assistance (0172) are barred.

Note: Call waiting

When you're on a call and you hear a series of beeps, this means someone else is trying to call you.

  • To switch from one call to the other, select the Flash or Recall button, then select 2.
  • To hang up on the person trying to get through, select the Flash or Recall button, then select 1.
  • To turn call waiting on or off:
    • Use MySpark.
    • Dial 1443# to turn call waiting on.
    • Dial 1543# to turn call waiting off.

Busy on another call

To turn diversion on, select the hook or flash button. Enter *15# or 1415#. Enter the number to divert calls to. To turn diversion off, enter #15# or 1515#.

Divert calls straight away

To turn diversion on, enter *17# or 1417#. Enter the number to divert calls to.
To turn diversion off, enter #17# or 1517#.

When there's no answer

To turn diversion on, enter *16# or 1416#. Enter the number to divert calls to.
To turn diversion off, enter #16# or 1516#.

When a phone is off

To turn diversion on, enter *94# or 1494#. Enter the number to divert calls to.
To turn diversion off, enter #94# or 1594#.

Selective call diversion

  • Set up your selection criteria in MySpark.
  • To turn selective diversion on, enter #76# or 1576#.
  • To turn selective diversion off, enter #77# or 1577#.

Make a three-way call

  1. When you're on a call, select the Hook or Flash button.
  2. Call a third person.
  3. When this call connects, select the Hook or Flash button, and then select 3.
  4. To end the first call, select the Hook or Flash button, and then select 1.

Automatic call back

  • Automatic call back is only available on a Fibre Landline.
  • To call back the last person who called you, enter *69# or 1469#.
  • If you're trying to call back a restricted number, the call back won't connect.

Last number redial

To call the last person you rang, select *28# or 1428#.

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