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Set up Xtra Mail for the first time

You can use Xtra Mail in Webmail (no set up needed), or use an email app. Find out about the settings you'll need when setting up your email for the first time.

Not yet registered for Xtra Mail?

Sign up for a new Xtra Mail account:

  • Sign up through the Spark website.
  • Sign up through your MySpark account:
    1. Sign in to MySpark
    2. Select the Products and services tab.
    3. Select Xtra Mail.
    4. Follow the on-screen prompts.


We recommend you use Webmail to access your Xtra Mail. It works on your smartphone or your computer, and you don't need to set anything up. All you need to do is:

Email apps

Want to set up your Xtra Mail in an email app, eg, Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail? You'll need the IMAP or POP3 settings. If you need further assistance to set up your email app, contact your device's manufacturer.

Note: If you want to use Xtra Mail on an app, there are security requirements the app must be capable of. It needs to support 1024-bit or 2048-bit AES ciphers and TLS1.0 or higher protocols. We don't support the RC4 cipher or the SSL and SSL3 protocols. Check with the software vendor to see if the app is compatible with Xtra Mail, or try our Tech Wizards.

IMAP settings (SSL)

If you're setting up Xtra Mail on your phone or tablet, IMAP would be best for you. It doesn't use up too much space on your phone. You can use it for computer email apps as well, eg Microsoft Outlook. Instructions on setting up Xtra Mail on a range of mobiles 

  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • Incoming port: 993 (SSL)
  • Outgoing server:
  • Outgoing port: 465 (SSL)
  • Username: Your full email address, eg,

POP3 settings (SSL)

These are the standard settings used by most email apps. POP3 uses a lot more space on your computer as it stores a copy of all your emails on your computer. If there are lots of emails to download, it could use a lot of data when setting your email up for the first time. Windows 8 Mail does not support POP3.

  • Incoming server:
  • Incoming port: 995 (SSL)
  • Outgoing server:
  • Outgoing port: 465 (SSL)
  • Username: Your full email address, eg,

Having trouble?


If you are having trouble setting up Xtra Mail you can Live Chat with us.

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