Google billing with Spark terms

  1. Google billing with Spark. We offer Google billing with Spark, which lets you pay for apps, games, books, movies, music and other digital content and services (Content) on Google Play and other eligible platforms (for example, YouTube) by adding the one-off or ongoing subscription cost to your Spark bill (Google billing with Spark). By using Google billing with Spark, you agree to these terms and conditions. 
  2. Who can use Google billing with Spark? If you’re a Spark Pay Monthly mobile customer with a Google Play-compatible device, you can use Google billing with Spark. You’ll need to have your Spark SIM in your device to use Google billing with Spark. We can suspend or disable Google billing with Spark for your account if you don’t pay your Spark bill on time or for credit management reasons. You can also contact us to ask us to disable Google billing with Spark for your Spark account.
  3. Registration. When you attempt to pay for Content on Google Play, you may have the option to use Google billing with Spark to pay for that Content. If you choose to use Google billing with Spark, it will become your default payment method for Google Play, but you can change this in your Google Play account settings. 
  4. Data usage and charges. Mobile data usage and charges (including roaming charges, if you’re roaming overseas) may apply when you register for Google Play, register for and use Google billing with Spark and download and use Content.
  5. Monthly spend limit. You can spend up to $99.99 in any rolling 30-day period using Google billing with Spark. 
  6. Account authorisation. You confirm that you're the account holder for the relevant Spark account or are authorised by the account holder to pay for Content using Google billing with Spark. Depending on your Google Play settings, you may not be asked to authenticate when paying for Content or signing up for paid Content subscriptions - so be mindful of others like children using your device. 
  7. What your bill will look like. Content paid for with Google billing with Spark will appear on your Spark bill under the Monthly charges section, under the relevant Mobile number for the purchase (including a description of the content, date of purchase and value). 
  8. Cancelling and changing subscriptions. If you want to cancel or change a Content subscription, you can follow the instructions on the Google Play support website. Go to Google Play support website 
  9. Supply of Content. The Content is provided to you by Google or the relevant Content provider (for example, the app developer for a particular app), not by Spark. Your choice of Content is your responsibility. We don’t set the price or otherwise control, supply or endorse the Content. We don’t take any responsibility for the Content and we don’t promise that it will be accurate, reliable, suitable, fit-for-purpose, high-quality, error-free, up-to-date or virus-free. Your use of Content is subject to any terms notified to you by Google Play and the relevant Content provider.  
  10. Who to contact if you have issues. If you have a question or issue with how Content is appearing on your Spark bill, please contact us. Otherwise you should contact:
    • Google Play issues: Google if you have questions or issues with Google Play that don’t relate to Google billing with Spark ( or 0800 448 099). 
    • Content issues: The relevant Content developer or provider if you have questions or issues regarding the Content or your use of it (you can normally find the Content provider’s contact details in Google Play).
  11. Refunds. If you are dissatisfied with particular Content or would like a refund, you should contact Google or the relevant Content provider to resolve your concerns. Please see the Google Play support website for Google’s refund policies and more information about how and when you can request a refund. We will normally only apply a refund or credit your Spark account in relation Content if we are instructed to do this by Google. Go to Google Play support website
  12. Consumer Guarantees Act.  Subject to the rest of this paragraph, these terms and conditions don’t limit any rights you may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA). If you acquire Content for the purposes of a business as defined in the CGA, you agree that the CGA provisions will not apply to that Content. 
  13. Privacy. You acknowledge that we may use and deal with your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy so that we can provide you with Google billing with Spark. View Spark privacy policy
  14. Suspending or ending Google billing with Spark. We may suspend or end your access to Google billing with Spark if our agreement with Google ends, if you don’t pay your Spark bill on time or for credit management reasons. If this happens, you may still be able to pay for Content using other payment methods (for example, credit card).
  15. Our terms. Your use of your Spark account, your mobile device and our telecommunications networks is subject to the terms of our agreement with you for your mobile service. View terms and conditions  
  16. Changes. We may change these terms and conditions or the Google billing with Spark service at any time. We’ll notify you of any changes if these changes disadvantage you.