Vector's IoT story


Customer problem

Vector Metering needed to make a generational technology upgrade to its smart meter network to improve operational efficiencies and innovation opportunities for its electricity retailer customers.


Vector will migrate a significant number of its 2G meters to 4G connectivity on Spark’s Cat M1 network.


Vector’s Smart Meters running on Spark’s IoT network will enable improved frequency and quantity of data collection, which will help Vector support its electricity retailer customers to provide tailored products and solutions for energy consumers.


Spark IoT supports Vector’s vision of the energy future.


Vector is New Zealand’s leading multi-network infrastructure company which delivers energy and communication services to more than one million homes and businesses
across the country. 

Vector is focused on leading the creation of a new energy future. Its goal is to provide more reliable, affordable and sustainable energy systems that provide customers with more choice and control over the way they produce, use, store and trade energy.

Customer problem

2G technology paved the way for New Zealand taking a leadership role in smart meters. Now, the technology is reaching the end of its functionality and capacity and as the 2G network comes to the end of its life, Vector is upgrading smart meters nationwide.
Smart Meters will now operate over on Spark’s CAT-M1 IoT network providing more flexible data collections options, which will help Vector support its energy retail customers provide tailored products and solutions for their energy consumers.
Vector Metering may also be able to leverage this CAT-M1 IoT network to provide energy distributors with some of the data needed to optimise network investments and better support customer during outages.

IoT solution

Vector Metering is upgrading Smart Meters that use modems on Spark’s CAT-M1 IoT Network.
This Cat-M1 connectivity platform is forwards compatible and allows for an easy transition, without the need of a site visit, to 5G as Spark’s 5G services are expanded around New Zealand.


With the move to CAT-M1 IoT connectivity, meter data can be transferred more frequently and can be collected in almost real time if required.

The new platform has extended the life of a significant amount of metering hardware while providing Vector Metering with certainty over its long-term technology road map. It is enabling a new suite of customer-centric solutions and  helping Vector create a  new energy future for New Zealand.

“The potential of smart meters to provide more flexible data collection options means Vector Metering can support its electricity retailer customers to provide tailored products and solutions for energy consumers. This is important at a time where energy consumers want more choice and flexibility” Brenda Talacek – Vector COO Metering & OnGas



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