See how IoT is transforming healthcare.

The Internet of Things is helping the Healthcare industry keep costs down, improve productivity and achieve better outcomes for patients.

IoT solutions such as Smart Facilities enable greater control of systems and processes and improve operating efficiency. Asset Tracking can optimise the use of expensive equipment and prevent loss. Environmental Monitoring provides reassurance and easier compliance.

Through our partnerships and connected network, Spark will be able to help you find the right IoT solutions to transform your Healthcare business.

Here are some of the ways we can make a difference.

Solutions and references


Cardrona's story

Learn how Cardrona Alpine Resort used IoT to monitor food storage temperatures to ensure safety compliance and prevent costly spoilage.

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Mainfreight's story

Mainfreight were early adopters of IoT and have never looked back. Learn how they used IoT to track their assets and significantly reduce operating costs.

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Smart Cities and Environments

Smart Cities, campuses, ports, airports, hospitals and more, all use connected infrastructure to make life better for people and planners alike.

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Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking can give you greater visibility of key equipment – say, hospital beds, wheelchairs, and blood pressure monitors – and help make sure they are positioned where they are needed.

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Environmental Monitoring

This IoT solution keeps a close eye on really important things like air quality, humidity and temperature.

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Smart Facilities

Smart Facilities use IoT to make buildings more enjoyable and comfortable places to work and visit.

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We've partnered with a range of best in class local and international expertise to ensure your business has the most suitable IoT solution.

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We have dedicated experts ready to identify your business problems and opportunities, then plan and deploy the right IoT solution for your business needs.

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