See how IoT is transforming the Agri sector.

The Internet of Things is helping to transform the way New Zealand Farmers use land, stock and assets.

NZ farmers and growers are using IoT solutions to improve efficiency, productivity and drive innovation in every area of their operation.

IoT sensors can be deployed to monitor, measure and report back on everything from soil moisture to fuel levels. They can tell you when a pipe is leaking or where a tractor is operating.

IoT solutions enable the automation of many time-consuming tasks and give you the benefit of data insights that were previously unknowable.

Through our partnerships and connected network, we can help you introduce IoT solutions that will transform and grow your Agri business.

Solutions and references


Environmental Monitoring

IoT networked sensors enable you to monitor, measure and manage your effect on the environment.

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Levno's story

Levno is an innovative company using our IoT network to give their customers visibility of fuel reserves in tanks, vehicles and agri equipment. Learn how they do it.

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Smart Cities and Environments

Smart Cities, campuses, ports, airports, hospitals and more, all use connected infrastructure to make life better for people and planners alike.

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Citycare's story

CityCare Water uses IoT networked devices to monitor water quality and help its clients reduce their operating and compliance costs.

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Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture means making extensive use of IoT connected devices to automate tasks and enable better and more timely decisions.

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Asset Tracking

IoT Asset Tracking lets you see the location of vehicles and equipment and prevents costly loss.

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Water Monitoring

IoT Water Monitoring lets you see water levels, measure flow, and detect and locate leaks. The data produced helps you forecast future water demand.

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