AM319-Ozone is a compact multi-sensor device that monitors indoor environment for safety, air quality, comfort, and usage. It measures levels of ozone and pollution in the air, as well as temperature, humidity, light, CO2 concentration, TVOC, barometric pressure, and motion. The E-ink screen shows real-time data, including overall assessment of the conditions of your environment. The 9 sensors in AM319 can be configured to trigger text and email alerts whenever thresholds are exceeded. 

Why is ozone monitoring important?  

Unlike stratospheric ozone that protects the earth from excess UV radiation, ground-level ozone can trigger health problems. Manufacturing or engineering processes involving hydrocarbons (TVOC) and heat can result in excessive amounts of ozone being produced. The AM319-Ozone helps you monitor the level of TVOC, Ozone and other pollutants ensuring the safety of your environment. 




Temperature and Humidity 

Temperature Measurement Range

-40°C - 85°C 

Accuracy ± 1°C 

Resolution 0.1°C 

Humidity Measurement Range

0% - 100% RH 

Accuracy ± 3% 

Resolution 0.5% RH 

PIR and Light 

PIR Detection Measurement Area 

80 ° Horizontal, 55 ° Vertical 

Detection Range 5 m 

Status Vacant/Occupied 

Light Measurement Range 0-60000 Lux (display as 6 levels, 0-5) 

TVOC, Barometric Pressure and Carbon Dioxide 

TVOC Measurement

Range 0-500 (IAQ Index) 

Accuracy ±15 % 

Barometric Pressure Measurement

Range 300 - 1100 hPa (-40°C - 85°C) 

Accuracy ±0.6 hPa 

Resolution 0.1 hPa 

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Measurement 

 Range 400 - 2000 ppm 

Accuracy ±50 ppm or ±5 % of reading 

PM2.5 & PM10 

Range 0 – 1000 μg/m3 

Accuracy 0-100(±10μg/m3), 100-1000(±10 %) 


Range 0 – 10 ppm 

Accuracy ±5 % FS 

Frequency of sampling: 10 minutes, configurable 

Network connectivity: Spark LoRaWAN network 

Power source: 5V/1A by Type-C Port 

Installation: Wall Mounting 

Available on IoT Bridge

Leveraging Microsoft Azure platform and Qrious, IoT Bridge is a central dashboard that lets you control, configure and get insights from your IoT devices.

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