See how IoT is transforming the education sector.

The Internet of Things is doing wonderful things for the Education sector.

IoT solutions are improving the safety of schools and campuses, optimising use of facilities and providing new ways to engage with learning.

Education applications range from smart management solutions such as Parkable to inspirational learning platforms like Electric Garden. IoT solutions such as smart sensors can monitor the temperature, humidity and Carbon Dioxide inside a classroom, notifying staff when the environment needs to be adjusted for optimal learning.

Through our partnerships and connected network, Spark can help you implement IoT solutions to create environments that are most suitable for learning and teaching.

Here are some of the many ways we can make a difference.

Solutions and references


Parkable for Business

Parkable gives you real-time visibility of parking. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to manage all your parking.

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Smart Cities and Environments

Smart Cities, campuses, ports, airports, hospitals and more, all use connected infrastructure to make life better for people and planners alike.

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Smart Facilities

Smart Facilities use IoT to make buildings better environments to work and learn in. IoT automation and data make them easier to manage, too.

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Asset Tracking

Know where all the important equipment is. Asset Tracking gives you easy visibility of valuable education equipment.

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Electric Garden's story

Learn how Electric Garden uses IoT in the school veggie patch to help grow the next generation of digital thinkers.

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