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Moving house is exciting but challenging. Whether you’re joining Spark or are an existing customer, we’re here to assist in making the process of setting up your broadband as smooth as possible.

We recommend that you get in touch with us the moment you know your move date and new address, as this gives us the best chance of getting you connected in time for your move. Connection and activation time varies depending on the technology available at your new address, so the earlier we have your move details the sooner we can figure out what needs to be done. 



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The more time you can give us to get your new connection up and running, the better. At the very least, you should give us 10-14 days' notice before your move.  

When you move, we'll recommend the best plan and technology for your new place. Depending on your new address, Spark offers Fibre, our Wireless network or copper ADSL/VDSL. Not all services are available at all addresses. 

If you’re keeping the same type of broadband technology, feel free to continue using your existing modem.

4G Wireless Broadband to 5G Wireless Broadband

If you’re transitioning from 4G Wireless Broadband at your current home to 5G Wireless Broadband at your new house, we offer a new modem for purchase at a cost of $150.

Change in broadband technology

If you are changing from ADSL/VDSL Broadband to another broadband technology, or changing from Wireless to Fibre or vice versa, it’s essential to check whether your current modem is compatible. Check modem compatibility

Should your modem not be compatible with the broadband tecnology you're moving to, you'll need to purchase a new modem. Learn more about our modems

This depends on what technology is already available at your new address and if we need to install any equipment to get your broadband set-up. This is why you need to give us ample notice, at least 10 days, to figure out what’s required at your new address.   

With Spark Wireless, you’ll be ready to go within an hour of plugging in your modem.  

Although we can sometimes activate your new broadband connection remotely, there are times when a technician might need to visit to successfully complete your connection and/or install any new technology required. In this instance, we ask that an adult of 18 years or older is at home to allow the necessary access for the technician to carry out any work required.   

We’ll let you know in advance if we need you on site and will arrange a time and date most convenient for you.  

If you’re a Spark broadband customer, there is no charge to move your connection to your new address. However, in some instances, there may be a fee depending on the property and the type of connection required. Please contact us for more information. Message us

Need more data or a faster connection? It's worth looking at our latest plans. You may find an option that better suits your needs. Explore plans 

If you’re switching between Unplan and our new plans, your first bill will be higher. Here’s what to expect on your first bill. Learn what to expect  

When you place a Fibre order with Spark, you can use the order tracker to check the progress. You can find the tracker by selecting the link in your order confirmation email, or in the Spark app under the Fibre and fault tracker menu.  

You'll need to sign in to MySpark to view your order. Go to the order tracker 

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