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Help with accessibility

Spark offers a range of support options for customers who may have a disability.

Learn about the ways Spark can help customers with products, services and account information.

If you are experiencing a particular difficulty with a Spark product or service due to a disability, please contact us and we will work with you to help meet your needs.

Our website has been tested to make sure it's accessible to people with a disability. If you have problems with any aspects of its design or usability, please let us know: Message us

Accessibility options

You can access information about your Spark account in several different ways:

  • On your monthly bill
  • Calling us on 0800 800 123. We can give you information about your account and can read you information about toll calls.
  • Calling Service Express on 0800 000 000 where you can:
    • Access your account balance
    • Pay your bills
    • Access broadband and mobile usage information
  • ​Signing in to MySpark online or in the app where you can:
    • Get a view of your residential and Pay Monthly mobile accounts
    • Find information about your unbilled calls
    • Get an email reminder when your bill is ready to view
    • Sign in to MySpark

To make an emergency call, dial 111. A Spark operator will answer your call and will connect you to the emergency service you need.

If you have difficulty hearing or talking on the phone, you can register with New Zealand Police for the 111 TXT service. Find out more or register for 111 TXT here

Customers who have difficulty hearing or talking on the phone can also contact emergency services by faxing 0800 16 16 10 or using a teleprinter (TTY) on 0800 16 16 16. These calls go to the police, who can pass details on to other emergency services as required.

If you or someone in your household needs access to 111 due to a medical, disability, or personal safety issue, you can apply to be placed on Spark’s Vulnerable Consumer Register. For eligible customers who do not have a suitable device to contact 111 emergency services in the event of a power cut, Spark will provide one to them at no cost.

To apply you need to be a Spark account holder or an authority on the account and have a fixed wireless or fibre landline service at the address where the vulnerable consumer usually resides.

Find out more and download the application. Go to Vulnerable Consumers

If you, or someone at your place, has a medical condition with dependency on landline telephone access for critical support for medical, disability or safety reasons, you can apply to be placed on Spark’s Medical Dependency Register. This will ensure the medically dependant person is not unduly placed at risk when connecting, disconnecting, maintaining, or repairing faults with the telecommunication service.

To apply you'll need to download and complete a Medical Dependency form with your medical practitioner. Download medical dependency form

If you have applied to be part of the Vulnerable Consumer Register and your application has been accepted, you will be added to the Medical Dependency Register as well.

When you call us on 0800 800 123, our staff can see details about the number you're calling from. The first thing we see is an alert code. This is a screen with information we need to know about a customer before we make any changes to their account. This might be:

  • Information about a customer's services that affects their ability to use other services
  • Information about a customer's disability. This helps us know how to deliver account information in a useful way.

You can let us know any information that would help us meet your needs and we will add this to your account. Message us

Spark supports Telephone Information Service from Blind Low Vision NZ. This service provides access to information by phone. Go to the Blind Low Vision NZ website

Some landlines come with an inductive coupler. This produces an audio magnetic field. This will help you to have a clear conversation when your hearing aid is using the T setting. To get the best sound hold the phone's ear piece against the curve of the hearing aid. Move it until you hear the loudest sound. Spark sells a range of hearing-aid friendly home phones. Check the phone's list of features for this function. Browse our home phones

If you have trouble hearing but you don't use hearing aids, you'll need a phone that has adjustable volume. You could contact Hearing NZ for recommendations. Go to the Hearing New Zealand website

Spark recognises that some customers may have difficulty using the phone book. Spark offers the opportunity to apply for an exemption from Directory Assistance charges on your home landline.

This offer isn't available on mobile or business lines. It doesn't cover Direct Connect calls. These are where you choose to be transferred to the number you asked for. There's a small monthly charge of $1.28 including GST to receive the exemption.  

You can apply for the exemption through your local GP or the Ministry of Health's Disability Support Agency. Learn more about the Disability Support Agency

Or you can download the form yourself, complete it with your GP or support agency and return it to Spark. Download the form

We have a range of services that can help you manage your phone usage. Get in touch with us to find out whether a service you're interested in is available in your area. Message us

  • Call Minder: Whenever you can’t answer calls your Call Minder will answer instead. Then callers can listen to your greeting and leave a message in your mailbox.
  • Call Waiting: Be able to see when someone is trying to call you while you're on a call
  • Caller Display: See the phone number of the person calling you before you answer
  • Hotline: Calls a different number when the handset is off the phone for longer than eight seconds
  • Dual Number: Hook up two different numbers on the same phone line
  • Call Diversion: Forward calls to a different number or voicemail when you can't take them
  • FaxAbility: Give your fax machine its own number and ringtone. When each ringtone rings, you can tell whether you're getting a call or a fax.

New Zealand Relay is a service for people who are deaf, deaf-blind or speech or hearing impaired. You can use New Zealand Relay to make calls to anyone who has a phone. 

Find out more about New Zealand Relay