What’s happening?

We're upgrading our Voicemail service, making it quicker and easier to use. If you’re a mobile customer you can also get our app, so messages are delivered straight to you, saving you time.

When is the upgrade happening?

Existing voicemail users will be upgraded between September and November 2020. The upgrades will happen at night (between 10pm and 7am) starting with Prepaid mobile, then Pay Monthly mobile and landlines, then faxes and info call. Your voicemail upgrade will happen over one night.
Any new voicemail users from 24 August 2020 will get the upgraded voicemail straight away.

What do I need to do?

You don’t need to do anything. However, on the night that we upgrade your voicemail, you may experience a small outage of up to 2 hours where you can’t access your mailbox and people won’t be able to leave you a message. But don’t worry, we will let you know by SMS or leave a message on your voicemail when you're about to be upgraded and then once you have been upgraded.

What differences will there be to the way I currently use voicemail?

  • Pay Monthly mobile customers with voicemail get the Spark Voicemail App for free. It transcribes your messages and sends them and the audio message straight to your mobile, saving you lots of time. Find out more about the app
  • Prepaid mobile customers with voicemail can get the Spark Voicemail App for only $1 per 28 days. Since your messages will be sent to you, it saves you having to have money loaded on your phone to retrieve a message. Find out more about the app
  • You will now be able to re-listen then re-save messages for up to 365* days after deleting them. (*365 days timeframe is subject to change).
  • You can now retrieve deleted messages from the main menu, just follow the voice prompts.

What’s the same?

  • Your greeting, settings and PIN stay the same.
  • New and saved messages will still be on your voicemail.
  • You can still check/play your messages the same way, any new messages will automatically save after you have listened to them.
  • The user menu and voice prompts will mostly remain the same for the main menus.

Why has the option to "press 2" to save a message gone?
To make it easier, voicemail now autosaves messages once they have been listened to. The option to press 2 is still there, just not mentioned as it’s not really needed.

The options don’t play after I have listened to new messages, I then have to re-listen to them again.
To speed up the review of new messages, they will play one after the other without reminders of the prompts you are already familiar with. For example, press 1 to listen, 2 to save, 3 to delete.  You can press the prompt you need while listening, you don’t need to wait to the end.

I’ve deleted a message, how can I get it back?
Now or even days later you can call back to your voicemail service and select option 4 from the main menu to listen to your deleted messages. You can play them one at a time then press 2 to save the one you want to keep.

What happens if I have lost my messages or my settings have changed?
We do not expect this to happen, however please click on the chat link below and let us know if you have any issues. 

Why do my saved messages play newest to oldest?
As your mailbox capacity has increased, we play the most recent message first.

What is Visual Voicemail as part of the Spark Voicemail app?
For further information, go to Spark's Voicemail App

What’s happened to distribution lists?
Distribution lists remain, but for a distribution list to work, the mailboxes need to be all on the new service or the old service. It will take up to 12 weeks to move all our existing customers across, so you may experience an impact if trying to add new numbers to a distribution list.

Why do my SMS notifications look different?
When you get an SMS notification of a new message and call the voicemail number in it, you'll hear all your new voicemail messages rather than that specific message. We weren't able to offer that feature in the new version of voicemail but if it's on your mobile, the Spark Voicemail app will give you information about the message and who left it. Get the Spark Voicemail app

Find out about Spark Voicemail App.

If you have any questions, message our team. Message us

For SME business customers, please get in touch with your local Business Hub. For Corporate/Enterprise customers please contact your Customer Lead.