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Set up and use the Spark Voicemail app

Find out how to set up and use the Spark Voicemail App.

Set up

Get started by downloading the Spark Voicemail App onto your iOS or Android device. Download Spark Voicemail

Once the app is downloaded, there are a few steps to start using the app.

  1. Press the Get Started button at the bottom of the welcome screen.
  2. Enter your mobile number to send an activation code.
  3. Enter the activation code on the screen.
  4. Press Submit button then an "Activation successful" message will appear.
  5. Press the Accept button to agree to the Terms of Service displayed.
  6. Press Accept to confirm acceptance.
  7. Press the Start Tutorial button. You can skip the tutorial on the next screen.
  8. A message will appear on screen telling you "You're all set". Press Continue.
  9. Press Proceed to allow and accept any permissions that appear during the rest of this process. Note: You must allow all permissions for the app functions to work.

Use voicemail app

Spark Voicemail is simple and intuitive to use. There's also a tutorial available within the app. To access this:

For Android mobiles:

  1. Select the hamburger icon at the top left of the main screen.
  2. Press Tutorial

For Apple mobiles:

  1. Select the three dots at the top right of the main screen.
  2. Press Tutorial

Personalising your greeting reassures callers they have reached the right person or number. They're more likely to leave a message and it’s easy to set up.

You can change the custom voicemail as many times as you like. Change it when you’re on holiday, on special occasions or seasons, or if you’d like to keep things fresh.

To personalise your voicemail greeting follow the steps below.

For Android mobiles:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Select the hamburger icon at the top left of the screen.
  3. Select My Personal Greeting.
  4. Press Custom.
  5. Enable any permissions requested by the app, for example, Enable Mic.
  6. Press Record to record your voicemail then Finish at the end of the greeting.
  7. Don’t forget to Save your greeting when you finish. 

For Apple mobiles:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Select the three dots at the top right of the screen.
  3. Select Setup greeting.
  4. Press Custom.
  5. Select Record to record your greeting, then press stop at the end of your message.
  6. Press Save.

Handy tip: In your greeting, you can let the callers know that the “Voice message will be delivered immediately to the phone”. They'll likely leave a message and saves both parties from having to call again or send a text.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get this?
This app is available on the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android. It's free of charge for customers on Pay Monthly mobile plans. For customers on Prepaid mobile plans you pay a subscription fee of $1 per 28 days. Prepaid customers must add the subscription via the Spark app or chat with us, before downloading the app.

What does ‘Unlock on launch’ mean?
This option will ask you for your device security information each time you open the app. This is off by default, but if turned on provides an increased level of security so that anyone who may pick up your phone can't open your voicemails.

I have voicemail and downloaded the Voicemail App but I got a message saying I cant use it - why is that?
Mobile users can only use the app once they are on the new service. From 24 August, till near the end of October, Spark is moving customers to the new voicemail service. We'll let you know when your voicemail has moved and at that time Voicemail App will be available for you to download.

Does the app support Dark or Night mode?
Yes, the app has built-in support for both Apple’s dark mode and Android’s night/dark mode.

What is ‘Dark mode always-on’?
This feature enables the app to remain in dark mode, regardless if your iOS or Android device is set to light or dark/night mode. This is useful if you like the darker scheme but don’t want it on for all your apps, of if your device does not support dark/night mode.

How do I turn on/off missed calls notifications?
In the Spark Voicemail app, go to Menu bar > Voicemail preferences, select Enable missed call to turn this feature on or off.

If I have a contact saved on my mobile will their name appear with the message?
Yes, you can also group messages by sender, which makes it easy to see all your messages with that person. Set that up in your App preferences.

What does 'Group voicemails by caller' do?
When ‘Group voicemails by caller’ is active, all voicemails from the same caller will be grouped together. To access their voicemails, select the caller’s name and open the voicemail you wish to review. When off, voicemails are shown individually in chronological order - organised by latest date received (newest shows first).

How does a blocked number display in the app above the message?
The message will still appear with the word ‘Unknown’ in place of where the name or mobile would be displayed.

What does ‘Hide transcription preview’ mean?
When ‘Hide transcription preview’ is on, you'll see a preview of the first part of the transcription text in the voicemail screen.  When off, you'll see just the caller name or phone number and the type of number they called from – Mobile, Home, Work etc.

What does show button labels do?
When ‘Show button labels’ is active, button labels will appear in the voicemail dialog.

How do I use the email notifications option and what does ‘Filter Contacts’ do?
When ‘Email Notifications’ is active, you can define up to two email addresses that will also get a copy of new voicemail messages.  This can be useful if, for example, you're on holiday and have your assistant monitoring any messages left, or you're travelling and would like your assistant at the main office to respond to voicemails.
The ‘Filter Contacts’ feature acts as an exception list; any contacts you add here will not have their voicemails forwarded by email. This is useful, for example, with voicemails from close family or friends that you may not want to be sent to your assistant.

The transcription is not always correct, why is that?
Transcription uses audio from the voicemails, processed through a vast cloud-based Audio-to-Text processing engine. In some circumstances some words may be transcribed incorrectly due to how the caller pronounces a word, the level of background noise or if the name or word is unknown. Our testing feedback showed that customers find transcriptions useful even when they contain the odd error. This will improve over time as more customers use the service.

How long can my messages be?
Your message length can be up to 5 minutes, though they are typically around 20 seconds. Shorter messages are more likely to be listened to as well.

How long are the messages kept?
Messages are kept for 365 days at present, though this may change.

Is there a limit on the number of messages that can be stored?
In general, there is no limit, but practically each message does take up some space on your device, so it will use and is limited by your phone’s storage. We have tested storing an excess of 1,000 messages with no issues.

I have a voicemail that I want to keep permanently, how can I do that?
If you have a message that you want to keep for the long-term, we suggest that you use the app’s ‘Share’ option for that specific voicemail and save or send it by any means available and convenient to you.

I have deleted a voicemail that I really needed; how can I get it back?
When you first delete a voicemail, it's stored in the app’s ‘Recently deleted’ folder, accessible from the Menu bar - you can recover the voicemail from this menu. If you have deleted it twice, both from 'My Voicemails' and 'Recently Deleted', your voicemail cannot be recovered.

I forgot some of the features, can I see how they work again?
You can view the tutorial again from the app’s main menu. This will take you through its various views and provide an overview of the functionality available.

What does ‘transcription pending’ mean?
‘Transcription pending’ means that the voicemail’s audio has arrived on your device - so you can press play and listen - but its transcription wording is still in the process of being generated. It will arrive shortly.

What’s the format of the audio file?
It’s in a .wav (Wave) format.

How can I get a link sent to me to notify I have a message?
When the app is activated, by default the sending of the text message link is turned off. This can be changed by dialling 083210, listen to the prompts to change the option.

I'm worried about security, are my messages encrypted?
Messages are securely stored and encrypted during delivery to your device. On your device they are stored in app device folders. In addition, in the app preferences option you can enable ‘Unlock on launch’. This enable your devices security options, for example, enter a PIN each time the app is opened.

Will we get spammed by telemarketers with messages on the app?
The Voicemail App has been tested rigorously and encompasses very high levels of security. Messages must be delivered via Sparks secure network and cannot be sent directly to your app. Spark actively monitors network traffic so unless a telemarketer calls and leaves a message, spam calls are unlikely to be an issue.

I don’t want to use the app anymore, how do I go back to receiving voicemails?
If you no longer want to use the Spark Voicemail App, you can cancel your Spark Voicemail by opening your App Store’s or Google Play Store’s subscription management screen.
The voicemails you had in the app will remain there until the app is uninstalled. They will not be available on your previous voicemail solution. New callers leaving a message will now go to your voicemail box. You may want to check the setup for this by calling 083210 and following the prompts.

What does the app cost?
If you're on a Pay Monthly mobile plan get the app included free as part of your plan. If you're on a Prepaid mobile plan, you'll need to buy the $1 Voicemail Unlimited extra, prior to activating the app.

Does it cost to access messages?
No, whilst in New Zealand there's no other cost to use the app or access the voicemails that are sent to your device. If you're using the app overseas it will consume a small amount of data from your roaming pack if you've bought one, or will be charged at casual roaming rates.

I didn’t receive the SMS code?
Return to the Activate screen by selecting ‘Back’ on the ‘Enter Activation Code’ screen, or close the app, and reopen it. Enter your Spark mobile phone number to request another SMS activation code. For security reasons, you can only request five SMS activation codes in an hour.

I put in the wrong mobile number upon activation, how can I start again?
The activate screen will wait until the SMS activation code is entered, unless you leave.  Re-enter the correct Spark mobile phone number and activate again. You may uninstall then reinstall the app on your device and run through the install process again.

My contact's name or picture are not showing, just the calling number, how do I fix that?
To see your contact's names and photos in the app, you need to allow the app access/permission to access your contacts on your mobile. This enables the app to associate your contact information with the number calling.
To grant contact access to the Spark Voicemail app, find the Spark Voicemail app in your device’s system settings (the Settings app) and allow it to access contacts in permissions. Refer to steps below:

For Android mobiles: Open the Settings app > apps > Spark Voicemail > permissions > turn on contacts, microphone, telephone. To enable all the app’s features.

For iOS mobiles: Open the Settings app > Spark Voicemail > turn on contacts, microphone, speech and recognition. To enable all the app’s features.

The app is frozen (or some other fault) – who can I contact for help?
Get in touch with our specialist team via chat. Go to chat

What does ‘Unlock on launch’ mean?
When ‘Unlock on launch’ is active, your device will ask you to unlock the app every time you open it. This feature is off by default, but if active, provides an increased level of security so that anyone who may pick up your phone cannot simply open your voicemails.

I've changed my device, can I reinstall the app? What happens to my voicemails?
If you change devices, follow the steps below:

  1. Install and activate the Spark Voicemail app on your new device.
  2. The app will download your current custom greeting and any voicemail messages you had from the server onto your new device.
  3. Uninstall the Spark Voicemail app from your old device.

Where is my voicemail stored?
Voicemails are stored in New Zealand in a Spark New Zealand data centre that's fully encrypted and secure.  

My mobile is with another provider. Can I get this app?
The app is only available for Spark customers so please chat to one of our advisors so we can arrange the best plan suitable for your needs, and change to the Spark network.

What if my mobile number has changed?
Once your number has changed, uninstall the Spark Voicemail app, then re-install and activate it again with your new mobile number. Your existing greetings and voicemail messages will be synched from the server onto the app.  

There are other free voicemail transcription services around – what’s so good about this?
You are right, there are free apps that offer a similar service. In most cases though, they limit the number of free messages you can access or have transcriptions for before buying. Or, they have ads running that you have to dismiss or read before accessing your voicemail, and then suggest a premium app version that allows for more content or no ads.

Spark has created an enterprise-level app that is fully secure, providing full access with no ads or other content, and offers access to Spark’s channel and assure support. The app also works natively in our network to manage how your callers are diverted to this service.

Why am I being asked to update the app?
We regularly make enhancements to the app so it's important you keep the app updated to the latest version.

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