Book testing time in the Spark Innovation Studio.The Workshop is a dedicated space within the Innovation Studio. We're inviting business customers and developers to come in and test prototypes and devices on the following Spark networks. 

Cellular (5G/4G/3G) 

Spark’s cellular network is used to support applications that rely on high data usage and low latency throughout New Zealand.


Spark's Cat-M1 network is used to support IoT solutions that use smaller amounts of data and rely on energy efficient connectivity to maximise device lifespans.


Spark's LoRaWAN network is used to support cost-effective IoT devices that need to send small amounts of data over multi-year time periods in locations where coverage or cost of cellular applications are not feasible.


This a feature set of the 4G network, low power wide area technology developed to enable a wide range of new IoT devices and services. Improves the power consumption of user device, system capacity and spectrum efficiency especially in deep coverage.






Launch & Announcement

8th March

Applications open

15th March to 28th June

Finalists Announced

27th July

Judging Starts

26th August

Winners Announced

4th September

Funding and the 5G Co-Lab testing

September to October

Winners fly to New York