Business Interest Free Payments terms

Interest Free Payment Terms

  1. In these Terms:
    1. “You” or “your” means you, the customer; and
    2. “Spark”, “we”, “us” or “our” means Spark New Zealand Trading Limited.
  2. These Terms, together with our Business General
    Terms, apply to any device and accessory you purchase from us on an interest free payment arrangement. In the event of a conflict between these Terms and the Business General Terms, these Terms will take precedence.
  3. Interest free is provided on devices and accessories sold with certain plans we offer. Unless we agree, you can only have one modem plus one other device per plan on interest free with us at one time.
  4. To be eligible for interest free payment, you need to pass Spark’s credit assessment.
  5. Depending on how much the device and accessory is worth, the length of your interest free term, and how your credit assessment goes, we may ask you to pay an amount upfront when you buy the device and accessory.
  6. Goods and service tax (GST) for the full cost of the device and accessory will be charged on your first bill. But after the first bill, your monthly charges for the device and accessory won't include any GST. You might notice that the monthly charges are slightly different from month to month. That’s due to rounding and the total amount you’ll pay over the interest free term won’t be more than the cost of the device and accessory (including GST) when you signed up.
  7. Your interest free payments must be paid by the due date. If any of these payments aren’t paid by the due date, we may charge you a late payment fee and we may pass your debt to a debt collection agency. You may also be charged for any collection costs.
  8. You may select an interest free term of 12, 18, 24 or 36 months. You can’t make your interest free term longer or shorter while you’re paying off the device and accessory. But you can choose to finish it early by paying off the full amount you owe in one payment.
  9. Sometimes we offer discounts on interest free payments for certain devices when you’re on a certain plan. If you move off that plan (for example, if you downgrade your mobile plan) you will lose that discount from that point onwards. You also might lose this discount if you pay off your device and accessory early, decide to leave Spark or if your services are suspended or disconnected.
  10. If you sell or lose your device and accessory before it’s paid off, you still need to complete your interest free payments.
  11. If you leave your eligible Spark plan or we stop providing you service (for example, because you’ve stopped paying your bills) before your device and accessory is paid off, you’ll need to pay the remaining amount straight away. If you don’t pay this outstanding amount by the due date, we may pass your debt to a debt collection agency and you could be charged for any collection costs.
  12. We may sell or assign our rights to receive your interest free payments to another person at any time. This won’t change your interest free payment amounts, interest free term length or the way you pay. If this happens, we may not contact you about this.