Wire maintenance refunds for Fibre and Wireless customers

We've informed and refunded all existing eligible Spark customers that paid for Wire maintenance. We've also worked hard to contact former eligible Spark customers and let them know if they have a refund to claim. 

We understand contact details may change over time, so former customers may not have seen the information on their refund, or instructions on how to claim it. So if you are a former Spark customer, paid for Wire maintenance on a Fibre or Wireless connection, and have not yet claimed your refund follow the link below.

What is Wire maintenance?

Wire maintenance is an older Spark service that covers the wiring in your house (known as internal wiring). If there's a fault with your internal wiring, you can call Spark and we'll send a technician to look at it.

Depending on the type of fault, wire maintenance will cover the cost of the call-out and repairs. For more information on wire maintenance, see Understand Wire Maintenance

Wire maintenance on Fibre and Wireless

Wire maintenance was a service created for Copper landline and broadband customers. In recent years it was made available to Fibre customers, although the service was less used than Copper customers.

In 2020, we stopped offering Wire maintenance on Fibre and proactively removed the service on any active Fibre connections. We also found a small number of Wireless broadband customers that were charged for Wire maintenance because of unrelated system errors in the past.