As a partner and investor in Parkable, Spark is so proud to see them succeeding on the world stage. Announced alongside Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern in the US, Parkable have signed a deal with Meta, the parent company of Facebook, to help the technology giant solve parking woes for its 60,000 employees.

Parkable are a stand-out example of how simple technology can solve everyday challenges. By using IoT technology, Parkable turned the pain of car parking into a genuinely great experience.

Meta selected Parkable after a rigorous global tender process, securing the company as the world-leader for parking management software.

Meta is a significant deal for Parkable, but not its first global customer.

Parkable CEO and Co-Founder Toby Littin says, “We’ve extended very quickly into some large markets including the UK, Australia and the US, with both employers and property managers using Parkable to improve the management of their workplace and tenant parking.”

Multi-tenant properties and business parks like White City Place in London (formerly BBC Media Village) use Parkable to update their properties and meet the needs of hybrid working occupants.

Benefits for property managers include increased parking occupancy and revenue, and additional value for tenants. The platform provides visibility over parking occupancy, allowing property managers to rent empty or unleased parking spots to other tenants within the property, or directly to individuals.

The software platform also automates a large number of management tasks. Toby Littin explains, “For property and facilities teams, the ability to integrate with access control, automate problem resolution, implement payment, and manage access rights has significantly reduced the time spent managing parking assets, which gives those teams more time to focus on value-adding activities.”

This was the sentiment shared by White City Place Engineering Manager Timothy Scanlon, who touted Parkable’s ability to automate the management of parking and tracking of vehicles as a key reason for implementing the software. “We had a really manual system for managing the parking and tracking the vehicles, which was a waste of time and resources. To be honest, it was a mess. I wanted a system to automate that administrative work, which I’ve found with Parkable,” Timothy said.

Parkable believes that their software’s ‘driver experience benefits’, which attract employers like Meta that have a strong focus on staff happiness, is also an important motivation for property managers.

“Over the past two years we’ve seen that tenant experience is key to attracting and retaining tenants. Making it easy for people to book and share parking space, seamlessly access the parking lot, and easily pay for parking (when required) can make a stressful part of the day - the commute - much more enjoyable,” says Toby.

“Parkable provides value for tenant employees, which trickles down to improved tenant retention and acquisition.”

For property managers focused on improving the sustainability criteria of their properties, Parkable can also provide value.

“The sustainability benefits inherent in Parkable are significant,” says Toby. “When someone has booked their parking spot in advance and knows exactly where to go, it reduces the congestion created by circling for a park. In addition, Parkable lets people know not to drive to work when there are no spaces available - encouraging greener modes of transport.”

While Meta will use Parkable to increase the occupancy of staff parking assets and improve employee experience, there are property and asset managers in the UK, US and Australasia that are seeing these same benefits for their tenanted properties.

BNZ's Parkable journey

When BNZ adopted flexible working, they also deployed Parkable to improve staff parking experiences and reduce lease costs.

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