How can IoT support Environmental Monitoring?

Environmental monitoring is important across various sectors, including construction, government, environmental and agricultural. It’s vital to help support policy development and implementation.

Remote monitoring removes the need for gathering data manually saving effort, reducing the exposure of people to H&S risks and helps businesses work towards sustainability targets. Remote monitoring also has the benefits of collecting data more frequently into a common environment; connecting stakeholders to the data and projects to support decision-making. 

Join the Spark Spotlight webinar where Benjamin Westgate Senior Engineering Geologist at Tonkin and Taylor, will share learnings of how real-time data has helped them with their decision-making process in project management.

Benjamin is joined by Liam Jeffares, Global Business Development Manager of EWS and Guy MacPherson, General Manager of Adroit who will provide insights into how IoT supports geotechnical, hydrological, environmental and construction industries in New Zealand and around the world.

This webinar was recorded on Thursday 7 September 2023.

IoT Environmental Monitoring Webinar

About the Speakers

Benjamin Westgate

Ben has over 17 years of experience across 20 countries, from Europe to Eurasia and Russia and now Australasia. After nine years of academic research, Ben started working underground, stabilising 800 houses in Bath, southwest England and innovating products and devices to monitor remote areas. Nearly six years ago, he moved to New Zealand and joined T+T, where he continued to innovate, asking contractors to modify techniques to improve data quality and creating digital field logging tools to enhance performance. Now, his focus is on optimising remote data captured through IoT devices.

Liam Jeffares

Liam has 12 years of experience in the niche field of remote environmental and geotechnical monitoring. He has worked across Australia, NZ and around the world and has extensive experience with a wide range of remote monitoring technology and software.

Liam began his career after graduating from University of Auckland with a BSc in Environmental Science. In 2011, he began working in the remote monitoring field, initially on the Waterview Tunnel project in Auckland. 

After moving to Australia, Liam has worked for monitoring integration companies where he gained extensive experience and eventually found his way to EWS. Here, he saw an opportunity to assist in growing the presence of the unique product range internationally. 

Liam opened the EWS office in Sydney in 2019 and has been driving the product's uptake across the east coast of Australia and internationally. 



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