Driving the vehicles of the future with 5G

In this Spotlight Event Dr Mahmood Hikmet, Head of Research and Development at Ohmio, will set aside the marketing hype and buzz and instead present a practical and pragmatic look at what we can expect from the advent of connected vehicles, the current state of the industry, and where 5G actually fits in to the equation from an engineering perspective.

Dr Hikmet will discuss how autonomous vehicles will not require connectivity to operate safely but how the addition of connectivity will enable an exciting and huge number of applications that will make driving on the road safer and more efficient, plus how 5G is likely to be the technology used for vehicle connectivity in urban areas.

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About the speaker

Dr Mahmood Hikmet is the Head of Research and Development at Ohmio, a New Zealand manufacturer and designer of autonomous shuttles. Dr Hikmet has been involved in the Intelligent Transportation Sector from both the infrastructure and the vehicle side, with a career that spans embedded systems to IoT to autonomous shuttles and artificial intelligence.

In 2019, Dr Hikmet worked with Spark to showcase the world’s first 5G connected autonomous shuttle in Wynyard Quarter.

Dr Hikmet has a PhD and Bachelor's Degree with Honours in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Auckland.

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