Spotlight on smart cities.

Cities are the biggest engines of national economies – they bring people together to create, collaborate and cooperate. 

Over 55% of people around the globe live in urban areas, up from 33% in 1960. In New Zealand that rate is even higher: 87% of us living in urban areas, up from 75% in 1960. Urbanisation has been steadily rising for many decades as cities attract people who want to chase job opportunities, start businesses, attend universities, and meet new people. 

But with massive agglomeration comes massive consumption. Cities use huge quantities of energy and emit high levels of carbon. They create enormous amounts of waste and air pollutants. They are often tangled with traffic and hard to move around. All these issues make cities hard to run, causing headaches for local and national governments. 

Throughout October we’re focusing on the technology that will help our cities save money, save time and improve the lives of all the people who live in them.  Check out the various events and articles.

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Spotlight Series


Join guest speaker Jannat Maqbool as she explores what New Zealand’s cities and towns of the future could look like and why it matters.

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How do you make a city ‘smart’? A smart city uses IoT devices to connect its infrastructure, utilities and services.

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Innovation Precinct, Wynyard Quarter

The AT Innovation Precinct in Wynyard Quarter is Ground Zero for testing the newest smart ‘things’, as Spark partners with Auckland Transport to bring the future faster.

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Launch & Announcement

8th March

Applications open

15th March to 28th June

Finalists Announced

27th July

Judging Starts

26th August

Winners Announced

4th September

Funding and the 5G Co-Lab testing

September to October

Winners fly to New York