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AI icon

Live Translate.
The easiest way to communicate

Thanks to Live Translate, now you can get real-time interpretation while you're on the phone. Break down language barriers like never before — even through messaging. Reply back in your own language — it'll get translated on their end too.

Galaxy AI live translate

Circle it, find it.

Just like that

A new way to search is here with Circle to Search. Stumble upon a photo of a plant so beautiful that you just have to know what it is? Circle it with your S Pen or finger and ta-da, you'll get Google Search results. Now you can quickly get an answer without leaving your feed.

Galaxy AI cycle to search

Summarise Notes in the blink of an AI

Whether you're typing up a storm or jotting something down, Note Assist makes a long story short. Simply start writing, and format it into a clear, easy-to-review summary later. And when you're looking for an old note, the new covers show simple summaries — keeping your screen looking organised.

Galaxy AI notes assistant

Resize it, Retouch it. Just like that

Something out of place? Just move it in post. New AI-powered editing options let you get the photo you wanted, like relocating objects and intelligently filling in the space they left behind.

Galaxy AI photo assist

Resize it,
Retouch it. Just
like that

Something out of place? Just move it in post. New AI-powered editing options let you get the photo you wanted, like relocating objects and intelligently filling in the space they left behind.

Armour up with titanium

Check out the upgrade — a durable shield of titanium built right into the frame. Corning® Gorilla® Armor helps protect your screen from scratches to keep your device looking beautiful. And don't let water dampen your spirits. Galaxy S24 Ultra is IP68 water and dust resistant.

Galaxy design durability

Built-in S Pen writes a whole new chapter

The legacy of Galaxy Note is alive and well. Write, tap and navigate with precision your fingers wish they had on the new, flat display.

Galaxy S Pen design
Galaxy Camera with AI

Top-notch NPU.
Industry-leading camera.
Now with AI

Galaxy Camera overview

Capture details that rival reality

With the most megapixels on a smartphone and AI processing, Galaxy S24 Ultra sets the industry standard for image quality every time you hit the shutter. What's more, the new ProVisual engine recognises objects — improving colour tone, reducing noise and bringing out detail.

Galaxy Camera 200MP

Our most powerful Quad Tele zoom yet

Don’t let long distance get you down. Now you can get 2x, 3x, 5x and even 10x close-ups with optical or optical quality zoom. Plus, the new, powerful Tele OIS is wider than before to stabilize the shot for less zoom-in blur.

Camera quad zoom

engine shoots
every night in clear detail

Space Zoom puts you in the middle of the action, even at night. With 1.6x larger pixels and a wider Tele OIS, photos and videos are brighter and more stable — making even distant subjects clearly stunning.

Camera night zoom
Gaming processor

Our most hyper-realistic mobile gameplay yet

Victory can be yours with Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy. Faster processing gives you the power you need for all the gameplay you want. Manifest hyper-realistic shadows and reflections with ray tracing. Then get improved performance and heat dissipation with a Vapor Chamber nearly doubled in size.

Galaxy gaming

All-day battery
to play on and on

With massive capacity and greater energy efficiency, Ultra's battery gives you extra life when it matters most — you know, like the epic boss battle you've been gearing up for.

Galaxy battery performance

2600 nit display. Our brightest adaptive mobile display under the sun

Our most immersive display comes with some major visibility upgrades. Corning® Gorilla® Armor reduces reflections and improves visual clarity, even in direct sunlight. Then, an improved Vision Booster enhances contrast and colour for a clearly exceptional experience.

Galaxy performance display

Quick Share outside your ecosystem

You're not limited to Galaxy phones. Use QR codes and saved contacts to share with iOS users or far-away friends and family.

Quick share

Switch effortlessly from iOS

Keep your photos, videos, contacts, calendar and apps with Smart Switch — even if you switch from iOS.

Smart switch

What's in the Box

Whats in the box

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