Galaxy Watch Ultra

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High-endurance battery power

Whether scaling cliffs or trekking for days, push boundaries without worrying about recharging. Instantly switch between modes — Exercise power saving mode for tracking workouts or Power saving mode for long-term use. Stay powered up for whatever thrills come your way.

Brave the blue

Ocean adventures are calling — from riding big waves in the Pacific Ocean to exploring coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea. Heed the call with a watch ready for the water./h4>

Conquer new heights

The Galaxy Watch Ultra is cool with the cold, so don't let frosty temperatures or challenging mountain conditions hold you back from exploring.

Your immediate safety Siren

If you're in trouble, press and hold the Quick Button for 5 seconds to activate a powerful siren for help. A piercing 86-decibel sound can be heard up to 180 meters away, breaking through a forest of trees. When GPS isn't enough for you, the Watch is there with an SOS. It detects falls, offers SOS via the home button, and provides instant access to Medical info.

Dominate the desert

Galaxy Watch Ultra thrives in the heat, adapts to both dark and sunlit environments and assists in plotting your path — letting you navigate the sands and canyons with ease. And when things get gritty, it just keeps going.

Quick Button for swift sports transition

Jump straight into your favorite endurance sports with new Multisport Tile via Quick Button. Too easy? Craft your own ultimate challenge to push your limits.

Dual-Frequency GPS. Concrete jungle ready

Our most accurate GPS ever on Galaxy Watch keeps you on course, even through packed cities. Incorporating both L1 and L5 frequency bands, Galaxy Watch Ultra tracks your location more accurately than ever.

Monitor Energy Score to crush your goals

Discover your body's potential with Energy Score. Galaxy AI analyzes key indicators of your overall condition and gives you a daily score. How's your score today? Ready to challenge yourself? If not, fine-tune your sleep, exercise and more to get your body in shape to step it up.

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