Galaxy Z Fold5
Image of Galaxy Z Fold5 with an S Pen beside it

PC-like power. Now in your pocket.

Meet the phone with a big screen like a mobile movie theater. The one that's both an exciting A game console and a multi-screen, multitasking workhorse. And topped off with a powerful, pro-grade camera. All folded into your hands.

Galaxy Z Fold5 | Unfold More

Image showing unfolded Galaxy Z Fold5 screen

The ultimate 7.6" Main Display

Unfold a stunning, immersive screen — reimagined to bring you gaming like never before, cinematic viewing wherever you are and PC-style productivity — all on a tablet-sized device.1,2

Our lightest, most compact Galaxy Z Fold yet

The laws of physics have nothing on this leveled-up design. Galaxy Z Fold5 lives up to its name by folding closed, making a massive screen implausibly pocketable.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 unfolded with a picture of a car under the clear starry night sky.
place black box showing text inside

Open it up, fold it shut or flex to the perfect angle. The redesigned Flex Hinge is a technical marvel that bends to your will.

Image showing cross section of Galaxy Z Fold5 hinge
Image showing side-on view of a closed Galaxy Z Fold5
Image of a person inserting a closed Galaxy Z Fold5 into their blazer pocket

Slimmer, lighter and more portable than ever3

We've trimmed down the form factor, giving you a tighter grip on what you love without sacrificing an ounce of power.3

Set the vibe with your favourite colour

The future looks bright with these nature-inspired hues4

Image of the Galaxy Fold5 Ice-Blue theme

Icy Blue

Image of the Galaxy Fold5 Phantom Black theme

Phantom Black

Image of the Galaxy Fold5 Cream theme


Image showing an open Galaxy Z Fold5 with brightness adjustor on screen

A bright screen. Even in direct light

Don't worry about sunlight ruining your view as you enjoy a movie-going experience on the 7.6-inch Main Screen.1 You'll feel like you're right in the middle of the action — with Galaxy Z Fold5 emitting up to 1750 nits of brightness.5

Image showing a to-do list being written on the Tab S9 using an S Pen

Powerful gaming with the fastest Snapdragon on a Galaxy Z Fold yet

Power your road to victory with the upgraded hardware and software of Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy.6 This high-performance processor fuels champion-level gameplay.

Image showing a to-do list being written on the Tab S9 using an S Pen
Image showing video gameplay on an unfolded Galaxy Z Fold5

Multi Window. Your
multitasking secret

Image of a Galaxy Z Fold5 open with an S Pen drawing

The most advanced multitasking experience on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone yet lets you keep three windows on one screen, so you can stream, shop, browse and play more.7

Image of several apps open at once on the screen of an open Galaxy Z Fold5
Image of a tast manager in Galaxy Fold5

The task bar holds up to twelve apps at once — now keeping four of your most recent — so you can effortlessly swap between the ones you like to use the most.8 Add S Pen to your task-blasting toolkit for even more efficiency.9

Image of a woman holding an open Galaxy Z Fold5 to camera in one hand and an S Pen in the other, Image of two Galaxy Z Fold5s with S Pens

The most portable S Pen for Fold yet, with a compact case

When the ideas flow, reach for S Pen to write, scribble and jot with precision your hands could only dream of.9

Standout cameras.
Cover to cover

Close-up image of three cameras at the top corner of the Galaxy Z Fold5


3x Optical Zoom Telephoto Camera


Wide-angle Camera


Ultra Wide Camera


Cover Camera


Under Display Camera

The 50MP MVP

Not just an advanced camera system, this unique form factor featuring two expansive displays allows you to set up your phone like a mobile studio, complete with 30x Space Zoom.10 So you can shoot, reshoot, zoom and edit with a whole new level of creative freedom.

Image of a tennis player taking a photo of another with the Galaxy Z Fold5

 Captured by Galaxy Z Fold5 #withGalaxy

Dual Preview puts your
subject in control

Unfold Galaxy Z Fold5 to show your subject exactly what you're seeing in the viewfinder.11 This way, they can adjust their pose and fix their hair to look their best.

Image depicting Dual Preview on the Galaxy Z Fold5
Photo of young woman looking at camera demonstrating lowlight setting on Galaxy Z Fold5

 Captured by Galaxy Z Fold5 #withGalaxy

Make lowlight your
new favourite setting

Unfold to the Main Screen and capture the high resolution night photos you've always dreamed of — stunning lowlight photography that captures each moment with colour and clarity.

Multiple exposures. One picture-perfect outcome

Download Expert RAW to shoot and finesse your photography like a pro.12 Explore easy-to-use special effects, like Multiple Exposure. Shoot and blend up to nine photos into a layered work of art. And in Flex Mode, Galaxy Z Fold5 becomes its own tripod — steady and hands-free.

Image of tennis player with three different angles shown in one photo

 Captured by Galaxy Z Fold5 #withGalaxy

Premium and tough, inside and out

Galaxy Z Fold5 stands up to fold after fold after fold.

Close-up of Galaxy Z Fold5’s Armour Aluminium frame

Armour Aluminium Frame

Galaxy Z Fold5 is reinforced with a tough aluminum frame.13 This powerful shell lives up to its name — Armor Aluminum — protecting your folds from damage.

Close-up of Galaxy Z Fold5’s hinge’

Flex Hinge

Our new double rail hinge is stronger, more durable and a beauty to behold.3

Close-up image showing water droplets on Galaxy Z Fold5 screen

Water Resistant

It has an IPX8 rating, meaning it's water resistant.14

Control more screens at once with Multi control

Enjoy seamless device collaboration. Multi control lets you use a keyboard and mouse across devices like your Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Tab S9, making it even easier to copy and paste or drag and drop.15,16,17,18 Your tablet can even double as a second screen, to make your portable workspace even more efficient.

Image of a Galaxy tablet and unfolded Galaxy Z Fold5 with a computer mouse

Unfold your world. It's all easy

Image of a Galaxy Z Fold5 open with icons flying out

Smart Switch

Safe and secure. Take your photos, apps and messages with you when you switch to Galaxy.19

Image of closed Galaxy Z Fold5 with Knox logo

Your Privacy. Secured

With Knox Vault, your private data is secured and protected. Passwords, biometrics and other security-critical information are protected by secure hardware isolated from others. Don't compromise and take charge in this data-driven world with Galaxy's built-in protection.

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Image of two Galaxy Z Flip5s on angles with cover screens visible