The 5G Starter Fund journey.

Spark provided support and resources to help guide all the entrants towards their goal of becoming one of the four winners.

Six months after being named as winners, the four innovative Kiwi businesses launched their game-changing technology prototypes, offering a first look at the positive outcomes 5G can bring to communities across New Zealand.

Robotics company Rocos, VR gaming creator Beyond and health businesses Objective Acuity and oDocs Eye Care were the successful recipients of a share of $625,000 of funding and technology support from Spark in October 2020.

Since then, each business has been tirelessly developing, testing and refining its 5G solution tapping into expert 5G technical support and business mentoring by Spark and its partners.





5G Mobile

The next generation of mobile technology has landed and our new 5G network is here to meet your growing data needs. Check out the 5G-ready devices available.

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5G Broadband

We're delivering 5G Wireless Broadband throughout the country. Together we can start to discover what this technology will do for New Zealand.

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Explore 5G

A future enabled by a 5G network has the potential to change how New Zealand businesses operate. See how 5G could open help your business.

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Launch & Announcement

8th March

Applications open

15th March to 28th June

Finalists Announced

27th July

Judging Starts

26th August

Winners Announced

4th September

Funding and the 5G Co-Lab testing

September to October

Winners fly to New York