We've delivered New Zealand's first unlimited 5G (fair use policy applies) commercial service to selected locations throughout New Zealand. We will continue delivering 5G Wireless Broadband throughout the country, so together, we can start to discover what this next generation technology will do for New Zealand.


Be among the first

Our new 5G wireless broadband service gives Kiwis a chance in selected New Zealand areas to be among the first to use 5G with Spark.

Plug and play

5G Broadband is quick to set up. Just find a spot by a window with the modem facing outside, plug it in and wait for the 5G light to turn green. If it doesn't, try a different window.

Faster speed

Our 5G Broadband plan offers unlimited data on our fastest wireless broadband technology. Your service may sometimes switch between 5G and 4G to maintain an optimal connection. A fair use policy applies.

Is it right for me?

5G Broadband is ideal for customers who want:

  • Access to our fastest wireless broadband technology
  • To connect more devices around your home or business
  • All benefits of plug and play. No installation required.

Check your address

Our plans

Max Wireless


Ideal for medium households with lots of devices online at the same time.

  • Our fastest Wireless Broadband plan
  • 5G capable modem
  • Easy to set up - plug in your new modem and go
  • Fair use policy applies
  • Add a landline for $10 /month

{"newVAS/item0/./image":"/content/dam/telecomcms/icons/max-speed/max-speed-data-icon-v1_1.svg","newVAS/item0/./text":"Speed: Spark 5G capable - our fastest wireless broadband technology.","newVAS/item0/./iconId":"broadband-speed-5g","newVAS/item0/./icon":"/content/dam/telecomcms/icons/info-icon-no-background.png"},{"newVAS/item1/./image":"/content/dam/telecomcms/responsive/images/shop/mobile/plans-pricing/data_purple.svg","newVAS/item1/./text":"Unlimited data - Fair use policy","newVAS/item1/./iconId":"unlimited-data-plan","newVAS/item1/./icon":"/content/dam/telecomcms/icons/info-icon-no-background.png"},{"newVAS/item2/./image":"/content/dam/telecomcms/responsive/images/shop/internet/broadband_green.svg","newVAS/item2/./text":"Spark Smart 5G Modem included. Non-return fee applies.","newVAS/item2/./iconId":"smart-modem","newVAS/item2/./icon":"/content/dam/telecomcms/icons/info-icon-no-background.png"},{"newVAS/item3/./image":"/content/dam/telecomcms/responsive/images/shop/internet/tick_purple.svg","newVAS/item3/./text":"Open term","newVAS/item3/./iconId":"","newVAS/item3/./icon":""},{"newVAS/item4/./image":"/content/dam/telecomcms/responsive/images/shop/internet/Location_round_blue.svg","newVAS/item4/./text":"Not available everywhere - check your address below","newVAS/item4/./iconId":"","newVAS/item4/./icon":""},{"newVAS/item5/./image":"/content/dam/telecomcms/responsive/images/netflix/netflix_vas.png","newVAS/item5/./text":"Netflix Standard","newVAS/item5/./iconId":"","newVAS/item5/./icon":""}

Read the terms and conditions for our 5G Wireless Broadband plans. This is also known as an offer summary.

Max Wireless Broadband Plan Terms / Offer Summary

If you have a landline with your broadband service, you must be a Spark residential customer and have all of your direct dial calling with Spark (including national, international and home-to-mobile calling) in order to take a calling plan.

See below for further information on the Spark calling plans.

Fair use policy

Fair Use Policy applies on the Weekend National and Mobile calling plan. View Fair Use Policy