Spark WiFi

Spark is gradually withdrawing phone booths as usage rapidly declines and their hardware for both calling and WiFi reaches end-of-life.

Free WiFi is still available at some of Spark’s pink-branded phone booths. See how to connect to a WiFi phone booth below. 

For more information about the future of Spark’s phone booths, go to the Spark News article

Finding a WiFi Booth

Not all Spark phone booths have Free WiFi. To find out if the booth offers WiFi follow the below steps:

  1. Check your available WiFi networks
  2. If Spark WiFi is available, it will show as ‘Sparkwifi’
  3. When you select ‘Sparkwifi’ you will then connect to the internet
  4. In some locations you may see a Spark web page that asks you to ‘log in’. When you press ‘log in’ you will connect to the

Max 1GB per 24 hour period per device.

Security and usage: You are solely responsible for securing your device against unauthorised access, viruses and malicious code. You should ensure that you take appropriate measures to protect the security of your device, including encrypting your connection via VPN and using up-to-date firewall and anti-virus software.

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