Neon on Spark Plans

When Neon billing is added to your Spark mobile or broadband account, we both agree to these Terms. That includes any updates made along the way.

Who can purchase

  1. To purchase a Neon Standard Plan subscription on your Spark mobile or broadband account, you must have an eligible Spark Broadband or Pay Monthly Mobile Plan (together “Spark Plan”) and use the services for your own personal use within New Zealand. 
  2. You can purchase a maximum of one Neon Standard Plan subscription per eligible Spark Plan, up to a maximum of five subscriptions per Spark account. Each subscription must have a unique email address (username).
  3. Spark Corporate and Enterprise business customers are not eligible.

Already a Neon customer?

  1. If you have an existing Neon account, you must link this to your Spark account by completing Spark’s Neon activation process. It is important to link the accounts to avoid separate charges with Neon and Spark. For any queries regarding billing directly with Neon for your existing Neon account please contact Neon directly.


  1. From 18 July 2022, you will be charged for Neon on your Spark account from the date when you activate Neon through Spark (not from when you purchase Neon). This is the case even if you are already buying Neon Standard Plan directly from Neon, and this means your billing periods may overlap. Your future payments direct to Neon will automatically switch off when you activate Neon by completing Spark's Neon Standard Plan activation process, but you will not be refunded for any overlapping period. 
  2. You will be charged each month on your renewal date until you cancel your Neon Standard Plan subscription or you're no longer on an eligible Spark Plan.


  1. In order to enjoy the Neon service, you'll need to activate the service by completing Spark's Neon activation process. This process requires you to log in to your MySpark online account. If you don’t have a MySpark account, you must sign up for MySpark before you can activate.
  2. If you don't activate your Neon Standard Plan subscription before your first monthly renewal date, the monthly renewal will be cancelled, and you’ll need to purchase it again.


  1. You can cancel paying for Neon through Spark by logging into your MySpark account or the Spark app and selecting Cancel Neon, or by contacting Spark by phone or messaging us This will also cancel your Neon Standard Plan subscription and you won’t need to cancel through the Neon website or app.  
  2. If you cancel paying for Neon or cease being on an eligible plan part way through your renewal month, you will have access to Neon until the end of your current billing period and will not be refunded for a part month, but you won’t be charged for it again.


  1. Where Neon offers selected movies for rental these must be rented directly from Neon and cannot be rented through Spark.

Watching content

  1. Data usage incurred from watching Neon content will count toward your broadband or mobile data allowance.
  2. Compatible device and internet connection required. Check the Neon website for information on which devices are compatible.


  1. These terms apply alongside our Personal Terms (together the "Spark Terms") – you can read these at
  2. Neon Terms of Use and a Privacy Policy will apply to your use of Neon.
    View Neon Terms of Use
    View Neon Privacy Policy
  3. If and to the extent that the Neon Terms of Use relating to billing, payments and cancellations conflict with the Spark Terms, the relevant Spark Terms shall prevail.

Your personal information

  1. Spark and Neon will use and share information in accordance with their privacy policies. Spark will share the name and email address registered to the Spark Plan with Neon. We might also share billing information with Neon. If an unpaid balance results in temporary or permanent credit disconnection with Spark, this will also result in disconnection of the Neon subscription.