Spark Security Suite

What does the security suite cost?

The Spark Security Suite allows you up to five licences for free.

Spark broadband and Mobile Broadband customers with an Xtra ID can get up to five free licences of Spark Security Suite (usually worth $8.13 each per month) and free upgrades for as long as they're an eligible Spark internet account holder. Each computer, laptop or device that you want to protect requires an individual software licence, but an eligible Spark internet account holder can have up to five licences on their account.

What terms apply?

The Spark Security Suite is described in:

  • These Spark Security Suite terms (describing any service limitations and what charges may apply).
  • The Spark Security Suite product pages (describing the service).
  • The questions and answers about Spark Security Suite pages (describing the service).

Together these Web pages make up the "Service Description" for Spark Security Suite. Your use of the Spark Security Suite is subject to these and to the Personal Terms and the McAfee End User Licence Agreement

Things you should know

The Spark Security Suite was available to the following customers with an Xtra email account prior to 12th September 2022:

  • Spark broadband customers
  • Mobile Broadband customers on a Pay Monthly Spark mobile - excludes Spark Prepaid and Pay Monthly casual rate plans and all data extra plans

The Spark Security Suite is designed primarily for home users and small or home businesses. You will need a separate licence for each computer, laptop or device that you want to protect using the Spark Security Suite. A maximum of five licences are available per eligible Spark internet customer.

Not all computers can run the Spark Security Suite. Please ensure your computer meets the minimum system requirements before subscribing to Spark Security Suite.

Spark Security Suite powered by McAfee is only compatible with:

  • Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 or higher (32-bit and 64-bit) and Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit) operating systems.
  • 1GB RAM for Vista and Windows 7 required. 2GB RAM for Windows 8 and above. 
  • Ensure you have 500MB free drive space and at least a 1GHz processor.

The Spark Security Suite is available online to download only. The initial file size of Spark Security Suite is around 150MB to download.

You must keep the default option of having the updates automatically enabled in the Spark Security Suite to ensure your computer has the most up to date protection the Security Suite can provide. Remember, all data downloaded, including the initial download and these updates, will have an impact on your internet plan's monthly data allowance.

The tools included in the Spark Security Suite help provide protection from the following Internet Security threats - safeguarding personal data, preventing viruses, stopping unauthorized computer access, and blocking pop-up ads. Spark does not guarantee or otherwise represent that all Internet Security threats will be detected, prevented and/or removed.

Spark reserves the right at any time to modify, extend or discontinue, either permanently or temporarily, all or any part of the Spark Security Suite without notice. Spark will not be liable to you or any third party for any such modification or discontinuance of the service. Spark is notifying customers of the discontinuation of the service

Spark is unable to provide specific performance guarantees due to the limitations of the technology on which it is based and may be adversely affected by network performance and other operational factors beyond Spark's control.