Why fridge monitoring?

Safety, compliance and efficiency are top priorities when storing food, medicine and other high value perishables in a cool temperature.

Fridge Monitoring from Spark IoT provides a remote temperature monitoring solution for your fridges and freezers to help you safeguard your stock, avoid mistakes and save costs. The Fridge Monitoring Starter Kit is configurable and can be customised to your business needs.

The Internet of Things simplified

The Spark IoT network provides a reliable way for devices to connect straight out of the box. There's no need to install additional gateways, cabling or power points.

Key benefits

Stay informed

Get 24/7 monitoring of your fridge states.

Minimise loss

Save your stock from 'going off' before it's too late with timely alerts.

Respond faster

Alerts can be sent directly to you and your contractors for rapid investigation and repair.

Simplify compliance

Automate data collection and sharing.

Optimise maintenance

Know when equipment needs attention.

Key features

What's included

The Fridge Monitoring Starter Kit contains everything you need to start remotely monitoring fridge and freezer temperatures in your business.

Fridge temperature sensors x2

Fridge temperature sensors x2

Freezer temperature sensor x1

Freezer temperature sensor x1

36 months remote monitoring service

36 months Spark IoT network plan

36 months Spark IoT network plan

Starter Kit price: $900

Or $25.00/month over 36 months interest free. Business Interest Free Payments terms apply

* $10 per month Starter Kit subscription plan fee applies after the first 36 months

How do I get the Fridge Monitoring Starter Kit?

  • The Fridge Monitoring Starter Kit is available between 2 October 2023 and 30 November 2023, or while stocks last (whichever occurs first) from Spark Business Hubs offering the Service. Please check with your local Spark Business Hub to confirm the offer is available in your region.
  • Once you submit the signup form, you'll receive a confirmation email. We'll set up your IoT Platform account and configure billing for the Starter Kit. Unless your Spark pre-sales consultant gives you the Starter Kit in person, we'll then ship it to you. At this point you can install your devices and configure alerts, reports and add more users as needed. 
  • Fridge Monitoring Starter Kit terms and conditions apply



  • The sensors are battery powered.
    Batteries are included with each device in the starter pack. Depending on network conditions, the batteries should last from three to five years. Replacement batteries can be purchased from Spark IoT. Contact your local Spark Business Hub for details, or reach out to us at iotsolutions@spark.co.nz

  • The sensors automatically connect to the Spark IoT network.
    They don’t need to be connected to WiFi or to any other local network.

  • You can buy more than one Starter Kit.
    This is subject to stock availability, so please check with your local Spark Hub to make sure they have them in stock. This is ideal for when your business is in multiple locations. 

  • The temperature sensors are yours to keep.
    The title is transferred to you on your payment of the Starter Kit fee. 

  • Adding other devices to the Starter Kit:
    Spark has a broad range of IoT devices to suit your needs. Note that for any additional devices you purchase from Spark there will be hardware and subscription fees. To add anything to your Kit, such as an open/close sensor to let you know if the fridge has been left open, contact your local Spark Business Hub for details, or reach out to us at iotsolutions@spark.co.nz

  • Checking current temperature readings:
    Log in to Spark IoT Bridge to see the latest temperature readings. To help conserve power, the temperature sensors are configured to send data every three hours under normal conditions. However, any time the temperature exceeds the threshold you’ve set up, the readings in IoT Bridge will immediately update, and the sensor will trigger a notification by SMS (txt), email or both.

  • You can set up alerts to be notified if the temperature exceeds what’s expected.
    You can choose to receive alerts via SMS (txt) and/or email. You'll need to be within your mobile provider's network coverage to receive an SMS alert in real time.

Email iotsupport@spark.co.nz or call 0800 436 4847 Monday to Friday from 8am to 5.30pm (excluding public holidays).