In a time when we are faced with so many environmental challenges, one organisation is using the power of technology to help save the world’s rarest dolphin. MAUI63 have developed an AI-powered tracking drone to autonomously find, follow, and uniquely identify Māui and Hector's dolphins.

Join Tane van der Boon, MAUI63 co-founder & CEO at this Spotlight Webinar, as he discusses how they are using drones, AI and data modelling to help stop the world’s rarest dolphin population from dropping below 63. Tane will also talk about what is on the horizon for the organisation and how they will continue to use technology to help save the species’ and solve other environmental issues.

This webinar was recorded on the 16th of June 2021.

Watch the webinar with Tane van der Boon


About Tane van der Boon

Tane is the co-founder and technical lead of MAUI63. He specialises in bridging the gap between hard problems, innovative solutions, social good and business goals. He is the founder of multiple successful start-up ventures and is passionate about the environment, computer vision, machine learning & AI.

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