Spotlight on automation.

Automation will help to define the workplaces of the future – making them safer, more productive and more sustainable. Robotics and automation can take care of the dirtiest, most repetitive and riskiest jobs, freeing up workers to think creatively and be more innovative.

Although automation will displace an estimated 85 million jobs by 2025, the World Economic Forum forecasts that it will create 97 million new jobs, leading to an estimated 26% increase in global GDP by 2030.

Read why the WEF believes AI will lead to long-term job and economic growth

IoT is an essential part of the automation equation, providing the connectivity for robots and devices to communicate with us and with each other. We can already see automation in action across Aotearoa, with the potential for massive growth over the next decade.

Throughout August we’re focusing on the technology that will help businesses on the journey towards automation. Check out the various events and articles.

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Spotlight Series - Automation


Join David Inggs, CEO and Co-founder of Rocos, as part of this month’s Spotlight Series on Automation.

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Learn about the vehicles of the future with Mahmood Hikmet.

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Using automation to make our workplaces safer, faster, and more sustainable.

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