Spotlight on sustainability.

Sustainability is paramount if we want to build a successful future and fight climate change.

Although the problems of climate change can feel insurmountable, one way we can fight them is through invention and innovation. The World Economic Forum predicts that digital technology has the potential to reduce global emissions by 15%, adding that “Connectivity will be a key enabler for many, if not most, exponential climate solutions.

Read more about the World Economic Forum’s view on digitalisation and emissions 

The Internet of Things harnesses that connectivity. It allows you to know more: to measure, monitor and capture information about almost everything. IoT can help you find ways to meet new regulations, achieve emissions targets and reduce your business’s carbon footprint. 

Throughout July we’re focusing on the technology that will help businesses on the journey towards sustainability. Check out the various events and articles.

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Spotlight Series - Sustainability


Join Tane van der Boon to find out how drones and AI can help save dolphins.

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See Annabell Chartres and Vincent Heeringa discuss how technology can be used for sustainability.

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See how IoT can build a better future.

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