Our customer support package will come to an end after 100 days and 7200 terabytes of free data

Spark’s COVID-19 support package will come to an end on 30 June. Our usual extra data charges on capped broadband plans and late payment fees on overdue accounts will apply from 1 July. We will also be reinstating our full collection process, which includes temporary suspensions and disconnections.

Over 100 days at Alert Levels 4, 3, 2 and 1, we supported our customers to stay connected. During time, we removed data caps on capped broadband plans and waived late payment fees and disconnections.

From 23 March to 30 June, Spark gave away over 7,200 terabytes of free data. During the peak of the lockdown period this was around 100TB a day of free data, then later settling to around 40TB per day as Kiwis returned to work and school.

This support package was always a short-term measure, to help New Zealand adjust to unprecedented circumstances.

We know some of our customers will be facing new hardships as a result of the pandemic that will make it difficult for them to afford to pay their monthly telecommunications bills in the future. Our new Hardship Policy provides several options for eligible customers who are experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19. Read the Hardship Policy

To apply for hardship, complete the Financial Hardship form. Go to the form

To review your data usage, check out MySpark or the Spark App. For information on paying your bill visit spark.co.nz/waystopay

Find the best plan for your needs

If you went over your data cap during these last few months, or if you think your broadband needs have changed, there might be a better plan for you. Check your address to see what options are available at spark.co.nz/shop/internet

We are working on boosting our rural capacity and have increased data caps Through the COVID-19 lockdown we were presented with a unique challenge and had to make sure our customers could continue to work, learn and connect from home. So, we made the decision to remove usage caps even though as a result we would have a small number of areas where service would be slower at peak times than our usual standard. 

Positively, through this challenge we have now seen that our network was able to cope very well despite the fact overall traffic across New Zealand close to doubled. This has given us confidence to start looking at how we provide more uncapped wireless broadband solutions more broadly. This is not a simple fix and will take some time to deliver but we are working on it!

In the meantime, from 1 July, we have increased our rural wireless broadband data caps – which means our 120GB plan will go up to 160GB and our 240GB plan will go up to 300GB.

Spark Sport

We also covered monthly subscriptions on Spark Sport for new and existing customers. During this time, we launched our partnership with NZ Cricket which saw exciting cricket content including player interviews and some of the Black Caps’ most memorable games added to the platform.

Opening up our platform for Kiwis to enjoy at no charge was always a short-term measure to keep Kiwis entertained through lockdown and our usual subscription charges will apply from 1 July.